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From Russia With Love: 7/10

The second James Bond movie and the first to impliment a lot of the standards to which all the following Bond movies are compared. It has a lot of good stuff in it: Sean Connery in the role he was born for, an interesting story, lots of good looking women, some real good action scenes. Unfortunately these are spread out too thinly to keep me interested. I was thoroughly bored throughout most of the movie. I liked the movie, and I recommend it to Bond fans who haven't seen it, but it's not going to bring in any new fans.

This was a slightly boring Bond film that doesn't live up to what I've heard. Better than most spy films however.

From Russia with Love (1963)

The second Bond film, released in 1964 in the US. From Russia With Love was a big improvement over the first movie which was pretty solid as well. This is the movie where they introduce the character of Q and Bonds is equipped with his always popular gadgets. This movie is still great even today but it must have been unbelievable in 1963/1964 when it was released. Robert Shaw played a great villain in this movie and the last 20 minutes are just filled with action. To me this is the best Bond movie in the entire franchise.
Another great one...
James Bond and a ravishing soviet agent
are assigned to retrieve a Lektor,which
is an obvious subterfudge set in motion
by the evil,villainous cartle SPECTRE.
Exhilerating; Bond at his best. It's one of those classics that despite lacking special effects and sophisticated CGI is more breath-taking and exciting than more recent action flicks. If any bond-movie is to stand out as the best and to be characterized as the best dipiction of the franchise, this would be it.
Another great outing for Sean Connery as 007. I generally love Bond flicks, From Russia With Love is no exception.

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