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From Paris with Love 2010

In Paris, a young employee in the office of the US Ambassador hooks up with an American spy looking to stop a terrorist attack in the city...

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What a great movie~it had it all~lots of action,
fighting,laughs & a really good story.John Travolta was
just hilarious & Jonathan Rhys Meyers was awesome
as his partner(plus nice eye candy!!)
Just great acting from them both.
Loved it~9/10 :)
A nice find~would recommend this movie.
i hate when he does an american accent, jonathan has such a beautiful irish accent!
A classic full of fast past action Travolta performnce and a storyline to keep it flowing nicely, a very pleasent supprise after some remembered critic deffenatly worth a watch 9.1/10

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From Paris With Love is an awesome movie, best I've seen in a long time. You can watch it online here:

A good weekend popcorn movie with a strangely powerful ending. A keeper.
John Travolta knows how to have fun, and a lot of the time that means that the audience gets to have fun too.

Whatever you want to say about John Travolta, he always seems to be a guy who is having fun when he is in front of the camera. From playing the villain in movies like Face/Off to playing a large woman in Hairspray to playing an even larger alien with dreadlocks in Battlefield Earth, Travolta knows how to enjoy himself regardless of the quality of the movie he is starring in. Of course, that fun does seem to be even more evident when Mr. Travolta finds himself in a winner of a movie, as is the case with From Paris with Love.

Coming in at a svelte 92 minutes, From Paris with Love is so much fun, and so action packed, that it seems to fly by leaving the viewer wanting more when the film comes to an end. Director Pierre Morel (who directed 2009’s hit action film Taken) and Producer Luc Besson (who is responsible for TONS of excellent action movies ranging from the groundbreaking Leon/The Professional to exhaustingly fun Transporter series) put together a film that (a) allows Travolta to play be his wild and crazy self to the fullest extent possible, (b) uses Jonathan Rhys Meyers perfectly as a straight man/anchor to Travolta’s manic Charlie Wax, and (c) surrounds the two of them with enough chases, explosions and gunfights to keep even the most needy action junkie satisfied. Add to all of that a few entertaining (although somewhat telegraphed) twists and you have got yourself one hell of a good movie in From Paris with Love.

Of course, don’t mistake my enthusiasm for From Paris with Love for tacit approval for everything in the film. In the course of making an exhilarating action movie, many filmmakers have a tendency to throw any sense of realism right out the window, and Morel and Besson are examples of this rule instead of exceptions to it (here again I will refer you to what I consider to be the beloved, although many refer to is as silly, Transporter trilogy and its infamous oil wrestling scene). With that being noted, I have always believed that if you are not willing to suspend disbelief, read an encyclopedia instead of going to the movies.

In addition to kinetic action and great chemistry (not romantic) between the two leads in the film, there is also a healthy, but not heavy, dose of comedy intertwined throughout From Paris with Love. However, the comedy in this movie is balanced well with the action and never takes this movie out of the realm of action and into the often disastrous “action-comedy”. As a matter of fact, when I originally saw the previews for From Paris With Love, my biggest worry was that the movie would turn out to be yet another entry into the buddy cop (or CIA agent in this case) movie genre, and that I would be “treated” to low quality jokes and sparse action. Instead I was pleasantly surprised when presented with intelligent humor (including one self-referential joke by Travolta that reminds us of when he made the return from being the “has been” star of the Look Who’s Talking movies to a certified movie star again) and all the action that could fit into 92 minutes.

Unfortunately, From Paris with Love only made about 8 million dollars in its opening weekend against reigning Goliath Avatar and surprising chick-flick hit Dear John. What that tells me is that for whatever reason, a lot of people missed on seeing a great movie this past weekend. Hopefully more people will give From Paris with Love a chance in its second weekend. If not, I will screen it for as many of my friends when I eventually buy the Blu-Ray release, because From Paris with Love is definitely one for the library.
Not usually a movie I would choose to see but I was pleasantly surprised. John and John seemed to have a lot of ridiculous fun running around Europe with a large vase of coke. The action was good, the story line intriguing and there was some great one-liners that kept the humor going. It's no Shoot Em' Up or Die Hard but it's fun none-the-less.