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From Hell is a 2001 American/British crime thriller mystery film directed by the Hughes brothers and loosely based on the comic book series of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell about the Jack the Ripper murders. The original comic's writer, Alan Moore, did not have anything good to say about the film. He was reportedly disgusted that his "gruff" version of Frederick Abberline was replaced with an "absinthe-swigging dandy" and that the story was changed from an existentialist historical fiction into a mundane "whodunit". This, being the first of the film adaptations of Moore's books, was his first step towards disavowing all film adaptations of his work.

I think "Anonymous" has been bored all of these critiques are by the same person. Writing comments is probably better than watching this movie anyway.

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:fresh: From Hell is a very good film and i loved it from start to finish, its a film worth watching, especially if you like Johnny depp
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From Hell tells the graphic story of Jack "The Ripper" from the eyes of the lead investigator on the case (Depp). With strong performances, good direction,and startling and shocking moments, the film never disappoints.

Johnny Depp is magnificent. Heather Graham is passable as the hooker with a golden heart. Ian Holm is scary as the man who is Jack "The Ripper". The movie just does a number of things right that add up to a class A film. The production design and set design is dazzling. I really enjoy this film.

Just a quick note about Depp. He's another one of those amazing character actors that loves a challenge. He always seems to take the quirkiest of roles and never disappoints. He is always entertaining and fun to watch.
I never really knew much about Jack the Ripper before I watched this movie. But, it's really fascinating. This movie comes highly recommended. I also recommend another point of view: Portrait of a Killer - Jack The Ripper: Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell.
MOOD: Indifferent

FROM HELL (2001)

i've seen this a bunch of times and it's great. i also have the comic book, so by looking at this film from the perspective of a comic book, i think it's a good adaptation. visually, it's stunning. the genius of having americans direct films that take place in foreign countries is that they have a fresh outlook on that place, and here the Hughes Brothers have a very interesting take on 19th century london. with the red and the green tint they give things and their use of long shadows, this is great to watch. johnny depp is once again spot on with his performance as the detective with opium induced visions about the crimes. and the holmes/watson dynamic he has with the police guy is fairly amusing. it also manages to maintain its scare factor after multiple viewings, which is somewhat rare. and despite being based on a comic book, it raises some interesting points about the mystery of Jack the Ripper that make you go "hmm."
Watched From Hell today. The performance were all very good, but the movie was pretty much a big bore. Uninteresting characters, uninteresting story, and slow pacing. I saw the plot twist coming a mile away as well. OOOO! Bilbo Baggins is cuttin' people up! I figured a movie about Jack the Ripper would be a little more exciting and entertaining then this. Just very bland to me.


Ok so From Hell was really good.... but I hate blood it grosses me out other wise it would have gotten a 10!

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A film loosely based on true events, From Hell works wonders with its gruesome style and respect for the material given to it. The film is a highly unsettling one, that does show much blood and gore, but never does it make the mistake or confusing content for substance. It relies on the intelligence of an investigator and an execution that is superbly done.

From Hell focuses on a circle of disturbing murders before the 1900s. These killings were against prostitutes and to this day, are actually unsolved. The film however, shows an investigator beginning to unravel the identity and methodology behind this deranged, and dare I say, brilliant minded killer.

Off the bat, I will admit I felt many similarities between this film and Sleepy Hollow. Both film centers Johnny Depp as a highly clever man in some classic stories. Though the simliraties end there. Sleepy Hollow perhaps tells a more interesting story fictional story, but From Hell perhaps tells a semi true story with a style I prefer.

From Hell will hold the interest because one will be to infatuated with the string of mysterious events and how they relate. Furthermore, how and why Jack the Ripper operates in this story. The film has almost an admiration for the man, and throughout his actions are given such careful consideration and elaborate focus, that it is neither predictable nor conventional.

The style found here, is one that is very effective, maybe too effective for some. The movie has blood, but knows that simply violence itself is far from scary. This film has an extremely disturbing wit, Jack the Ripper will do more than simply kill the victims and the other things he does, I will leave you to be to be horrified at. Its use of imagery with colorful lighting are pretty wicked. In addition, some of the music is light and happy in moments that are anything but light and happy.

From Hell is certainly another movie to add to a list of solid horr films. Its repuslive atmosphere, clever hero, and equally clever villian make this a frightening cat and mouse game not to be missed.
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