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From Hell is a 2001 American/British crime thriller mystery film directed by the Hughes brothers and loosely based on the comic book series of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell about the Jack the Ripper murders. The original comic's writer, Alan Moore, did not have anything good to say about the film. He was reportedly disgusted that his "gruff" version of Frederick Abberline was replaced with an "absinthe-swigging dandy" and that the story was changed from an existentialist historical fiction into a mundane "whodunit". This, being the first of the film adaptations of Moore's books, was his first step towards disavowing all film adaptations of his work.

I think "Anonymous" has been bored all of these critiques are by the same person. Writing comments is probably better than watching this movie anyway.

My First Entry
Hello everyone, this is my first entry (duh), I've just finished adjusting all the colors and stuff. So how are you on this morning after Halloween? I feel dead and as my friend would say, have not yet gotten rid of my "sugar coma." I'm not sure how many people are going to read this...the title's not too "interesting" is it? Maybe I'll attract some POTC fans, eh? That'll abou' do it! So, POTC is one of my very favorite movies of all time because that's when I found RT and joined the ranks of the Johnny obsessies (prior to that I was just a fan.) But I recently saw From Hell and that movie was incredible so that's the one I've rated. Bye for now, I'll probably add another entry soon...when I have more to say ;)
I forgot to put the rating up there, now it's there.
So now I've done my back in, all I did was bend over to put something on the side of the bath and it went, so now I can hardly move, and I'm supposed to go to university lectures, I don't know how I'm going to do that when I find it really hard to get up of the sofa.

I really hope its alright in time for ROTK.
From Hell w/ Johnny Depp & Heather Graham was OK but I'm glad I rented it and didn't buy it off the shelf when it came out which I almost did.

I was a little irritated that they showed Depp's character as being this great inspector because he gets high on Opium all the time and has "visions". That's a great message to be spreading about. LOL

I won't see it again. It's too bad because the whole Jack the Ripper thing is quite fascinating to me but I didn't feel the movie did much justice to it. It concentrated too much on the inspector rather then the killer and his possible mindset.
Hey. This is My new diary. I had a previous diary at, but then ppl started to know about it, and i said fuck it and then i found this site from a freind. and began a new one here.
well neways. i will describe myself here.

:D ~Good Things About Myself~:D (without sounding conceited)
-Im amusing most of the time
-Smart (usually)
-I have a reasonable amount of confidence
-I make freinds easily and have good judgement with them
-I forgive, but never forget
-im somewhat outgoing
-dont really care too much about what ppl think about me mosta the time

:( ~Bad things about myself~:(
-I beat myself up a lot
-I can get annoying
-Im shy around new ppl
-Im not very good with men
- i can be pressured into things very easily
-im not really "good" at anything speacil

well we all know that these lists can go on forever, but ill stop while im ahead.

well ill describe myself a lil more. im 5'7/5'8, i have redish hair and i LOVE music. particulary punk-ish music... or stuff with sum good beats. some favourite bands--> Brand New, The Used, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Pennywise, Sense Fail, Finch, Boxcar Racer & Billy Talent
Well i think thats about it for now. I shoudl prolly not display so much about myself on the net... but meh. w/e.
Over And Out
From Hell huh, yeah, damn straight. I watched From Hell. I liked it, but I think that I wouldve enjoyed it more if I were more of a thriller and drama movie type of person. So as far as being a thriller, I thought it was pretty good. One thing I really liked was the whole concept of the story. Some of the actresses that played the whores, were really bad, but whatever. Its definately worth a viewing.
This blood-red shocker from the Hughes brothers makes one wonder where the talent and raw energy of their debut film, Menace II Society, has disappeared to. The personal style and keen social observation evident in that film is here replaced with a minute recreation of 1890s London that only serves as a backdrop for buckets of Gothic-style gore. Perhaps when the subject matter is the Jack the Ripper murders, one would be unwise to expect an upbeat confection of a movie. My problem is not with the film's violence or blood-level, it is with the way it treats the Ripper murders as near-comic occurrences that are designed to give us the same thrills as a Friday the 13th movie. Also, there is something inevitably doomed about a whodunit in which the "who" is known to be Jack the Ripper...the movie is boxed into a corner in which it can only provide yet another conspiracy theory about the Ripper's identity. I suppose one must accept a film like From Hell on its own terms. On that level, the normally excellent Johnny Depp is only mildly engaging as an uptight Scotland Yard investigator (half of his energy seems to be directed, unsuccessfully, at feigning a British accent). Heather Graham is completely miscast as a prostitute (and potential victim of the Ripper) who predictably falls in love with Depp's character. The only actor who holds his own is Robbie Coltrane as Depp's deputy. Veteran actor Ian Holm also appears in this tripe, as a kindly, helpful doctor who assists Depp in analyzing the Ripper's crimes. And naturally, flocks of red herrings fly by in almost every scene of the film (practically any blueblooded Brit shown in this film is a potential suspect). All of this might be rather compelling were it not for the campy tone and distractingly high amount of gore in the movie. With those elements, From Hell is, sadly, not too great a misnomer.

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