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There is not one thing i disliked about this movie, clever indiana jones style mystery, fun jokes, witty a love story just have it all ...its perfect for whenever you want to relax! 10/10 on my scale! Well done, really well done! I just cant believe that i did not saw it earlier how this jam slipped trough my fingers all this years!? Just see it, and buy a dvd copy its worth!
ENJOYED THIS THE DEEP but with charming lunatics..favorite british actor, ray winstone, doing a southern accent..matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson were perfectly cast..and alexis dziena in all her petiteness - i've noticed the women who have best played bimbos are all intelligent individuals..i give you lucille ball, jamie pressly, julia louis-dreyfus, christina applegate, to name a few..dziena is among this group-she is a drummer and writes plays..(actual bimbos are not acting; you must be able to distinguish the difference to act like one or the other)..TAKE A HOLIDAY TO THE ISLANDS AND HUNT TREASURE WITH THESE NUTS.
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