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This is my third time watching this movie and I always find it sweet and touching! Wonderful cast and great acting! Trust me, you won't regret watching it!
very cute story
Great story, cast and music. So touching.
great music!!
Looks kinda interesting...
it's just like placebo effect in slow mo amazing,I guess we people are naturally inclined towards the 90's,I just loved it.
Oh wow, I really liked this movie A LOT! Such a cute love story.
I think it's actually pretty easy to mess up a movie like this but they definitely hit a home-run in terms of casting the right actors and the little creative twists they add to what should of been a bland chick flick. 8/10 Classy movie.
This movie will have you feeling around for each others hand,as a reminder,hopefully,of how your own love blossomed.
OMG!!!! Such a GREAT Movie!! If you are a hopeless romantic like have to watch this movie!
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