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Fighting 2009

In New York City, a young counterfeiter is introduced to the world of underground street fighting by a seasoned scam artist, who becomes his manager on the bare-knuckling brawling circuit...

Release Date:
April 24, 2009
105 min
Dito Montiel ...
Gary Cherkassky, Altagracia Guzman, Channing Tatum, Eleonore Hendricks, Steven Randazzo, Harry L. Seddon, James P. Anderson, Kevin Cannon, D. Justyn Ryan, Peter Anthony Tambakis, Brian White, Jim Coope, John Cenatiempo, Roger Guenveur Smith, Paul Thornton, Zulay Henao, Terrence Howard, Flaco Navaja, Richard DeDomenico, Luis Guzmán, Clem Cheung, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Angelic Zambrana, Michael Jeremiah, Norman Wakefield, Vincent James Russo, Cung Le, Laila Liliana Garro, Manuel Cabral, Bill Chemerka, David Barroso, Ivan Martin, Brian A. White, Karen Nazarov, Janet Paparazzo, Rich Pecci, Jeanette Lutz, Marilyn Raphael, Louis Vanaria, Marmee Cosico, Evan Lewis, Doug Yasuda, Josie Smith, Michael Rivera, Anthony DeSando, Gabrielle Pelucco, Dante Nero, Melody Herman, Nina Poon, David John Bernardo, Christopher Swift, Elias Swift, Kimelisa Chomba Dunn, Jovan U. Hernandez, Ilia Jessica Castro, Michelle Gottschalk, Christina Llano, Michael Early, Fernando Limonta, Aram Lumley, Manuel Molina, Misha Hasiuk, Yuri Foreman, Peter Mele, Kelvin Coffey, Jermel Wilson, Ksyn Cason, Berto Colon, Ann McGowan, Fredric Ross-Wilmoth, Mahindra Persaud, Chad Thompson, André Tavarez, Antonio Gonzalez, Ibn Dixon, James Caver, Boris Talis, William Cote, Leonard Hollinger, Keith Greaves, Robert Humphrey, Shayshahn MacPherson, Judy Beil, Youri Cho, Stephanie Cieplinski, Rafael Francisco, Jet Harp, Xavier Rafael, Yuri Votyakov, Josie Marie Smith, Dolores Winn, Joel Nagle, Raymond Michael Bell ...
Drama, Action, Sport ...
English, Russian

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Imdb rating: 5.5

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Not bad i liked it but a little predictable
This movie made me want to shoot myself. If it wasn't for the mediocre fight scenes I don't think I would be around to write this review.
A likable performance by Channing Tatum is a plus, some good action sequences but unfortunately, the story is nothing new and the plot is paper thin. Terrence Howard offers good support. Not bad.
Una pelicula muy floja en todos los sentidos, nunca llega a trascender mas alla de las peleas callejeras...
La historia de los personajes nunca es abordada de manera correcta, y solo el pasado del protagonista es tocada tangencialmente. La historia en general es muy discreta, falta de originalidad y perfectamente predecible..
Predictable, dull, and absolutely horrible dialogue are just a few of the things that come to mind after seeing this movie! Despite, an expected, good performance from Terrance Howard, the movie has almost nothing going for it. Although Tatum's performance wasn't horrible it is definitely not the performance that the film needed from its lead actor, in order to be any type of success. Lastly the performance by Tatum's love interest in the film, performed by Zulay Henao is possibly one of the worst attempts at acting that I have ever seen! It is sad because the film had a decent premise and could have been a munch more enjoyable film.
Fighting is a mixed bag. It clearly was never intended to be a dramatical masterpiece but nor is it an action extravaganza. Unfortunately many action movies this side of the millenium have interjected long, dramatic scenes in between the action sequences to build characters, plot, etc.

Where most get that horribly wrong Fighting manages to pull it off and keep interesting throughout thanks to great performances by the cast and well choregraphed fight scenes. This isn't to say that the plot is perfect but it is definitely passable for this type of movie.

Overall it is an enjoyable movie to watch and recommend it for those who don't mind waiting for the fight scenes to come by :p
actors either came up with those dialogues on their own on the set, or they were too lazy to learn them properly. either way it sounded awfully forced and unnatural. but fighting scenes looked very realistic.
I liked the style and the setting of the film, but its plot is cliched and preposterous and the movie is boring unless someone is fighting. For a movie called "fighting", it sure didn't have very much of it. Just tedious drama that seemed like it was made up on the fly to fill in the gaps.
** (out of four)

A sadly predicable and cliche ridden script hampers this film that is sincerely shot and acted.

Channing Tatum is Shawn a tough kid trying to make ends meet, selling items on the streets of New York City. One day after a scuffle, a would-be fight manager (Terrence Howard) offers to represent Shawn in fight-for-money brawls.

I was really impressed with director Dito Montiel's first film "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints", but like many directors who do well at Sundance and the indy market, they stumble a bit when they make their first studio film. I hope his next project returns him to a more favorable material.
Alas when a white guy finally can box, the world spins it around like some soap opera. Fueled with a horrible lead character, one can only say this film to be dead within the end sequence or when the gangsters feel that this film sucks to.
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