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Far and Away 1992

A young man (Cruise) leaves Ireland with his landlord's daughter (Kidman) after some trouble with her father, and they dream of owning land at the big giveaway in Oklahoma ca. 1893. When...

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´loool it is Very good

I'd mainly wanted to watch Hidalgo because of Viggo Mortensen, who'd played Aragorn in The Lord Of The Rings. Of all men in LOTR I'd liked Aragorn most, so I thought I'd like to see him play in another movie, too, but for me - not being a fan of cowboy and Western stories - I guess it was useless to watch this movie. I find that kind of stories really boring most of the time. And it's even worse if the movie is really dragged into unnecessary length. Two hours for a story with hardly any real action and twists is simply too long for my patience. But I have to give them credit for the nice shots of landscapes, that's mostly the only thing I can say about Western movies. But it's not like I'd expected much more.



--There is some decent action sequences in the film. The most memorable of these is the conclusive Oklahoma land race. Watching the horses and carriages pile out of the town and racing for their bit of land was gripping and the cinematography was excellent. This is a pretty long sequence and its what the film all leads up to, when we finally do see the race its well worth it.

--Nicole Kidman plays a character that isn't all that original. At the beginning of the film she's a spoilt rich girl, and by the end she's an outdoor, rogue character who loves someone she really shouldn't. This has been seen many times and "Far and Away" deals with this aspect of the plot well. Kidman gives a much better performance than Cruise (though still not quite nailing the accent) and her character transition is shown in a realistic and often inventive manner.

--I watched this film in a Social Studies class for the topic of Migration, and with a topic like that, you'd expect epic values. "Far and Away" has beautiful set design and detailed costumes. The atmosphere of its setting is also captured well. It's one of those period pieces that gets the timeframe right and puts you there in the moment quite frequently.


--Tom Cruise gives one of his weakest performances of his career in this film. He isn't resoundingly bad but definitely doesn't suit his role at all. He is too much of a pretty boy to be playing a down-and-out boxer with the ferocity of a lion and never sells himself as being particularly charismatic or believable hero. Kidman is much better but I still don't think either of them were exceedingly well cast.

--There isn't much of a plot here. There is obvious by the time wasting spent with that entire boxing story; it doesn't amount to much. I felt like Howard and co. were just pushing the movie over the 2-hour line because that's what expected of an epic nowadays and all they really wanted to do was create that kick-ass land race sequence. There's style in the movie but in the way of story and substance it is lacklustre.

--The romance story between Shannon and Joseph is cheesy and predictable. They have some cute scenes together and the actors have chemistry ('s Kidman and Cruise, pre break-up) but the writing isn't very good and it all felt really dragged out to me. I didn't care so much if they wound up together because I knew it was going to happen. It's also a pretty cringe-worthy moment when Shannon cries over Joseph's "dead" body at the end of the film. That was laughable and not in the least bit subtle.


6/10 - A reasonable effort, but you really would expect better from such an enormous amount of talent.


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Far and Away

That's one of those 90s movies which were the best ones.
It's no special film or something, but just a "standard" great Hollywood movie.
Alone the music by John Williams is enough to get to another world for about 2 hours.

Legends of the Fall
It's a long time I've watched this movie but when I did so it was the saddest movie so far.
The scenery was beautiful. The acting was superb. And it was a love story. A very beautiful love story. I don't know why people hate it so much. It's one of my favorite movies.
Comments pending.
Drama / Epic
review to come