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Eyes Wide Shut 1999

A New York City doctor, who is married to an art curator, pushes himself on a harrowing and dangerous night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife admits that she once almost cheated on him...

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Was it Oscar Wilde who said people die either too soon or too late? In Kubrick's case, he died too late to save himself from making this embarrassingly bad film. If only he had passed on after The Clockwork Orange!
Brilliant perhaps, but stereotyped. An old guy, with laurels, should have gone out with something more memorable, instead of resting on formulaic finance-pleasers.
Like The Shining this is my second review of Kubrick's latter war classic. Originally I commented on its insistance to be great, while divided into two clear and distinguished parts. Before I didn't understand the second half of the film. It didn't really seem to have a point, but after a second watch I felt as though a trench had been removed and I could really get to grips and understand the picture. It is a beautiful picture, but as a fully realistic war set, Full Metal Jacket is never believable. It contains little of Spielberg's Saving private Ryan realism, or of the average Platoon's unexpectedness. Full Metal Jacket is a mysterious film, that is staged well and executed even better. As mentioned before many have commented on Kubrick's films never really feeling human and Full Metal Jacket is no exception no that rumour. However it is all predictated by Kubrick, as in the training sequences we notice how the marines become more and more detached, and that is not just because of Pyles' (a brilliant disturbing performance from V\incent D'onofrio) madness. Or in Vietnam itself we never really feel atached emotionally to the characters, because like them we have been conditioned in what we watched in the camp. While the film remains a one sided view of the conflict (American side and nothing else) Kubrick poses the message of wars futility and how even the most harshest of trainings can never give people emotionless psychopathy. In that psychological sense the film is very human because it looks at our behaviour and actions. The film is enjoyable in a sense but remains shrouded in its dark premise. It reminded me very much of a shorter more concise Deer Hunter, not a bad comparison for any film with its quotable lines and memorable imagery. Solid acting, beautiful sets and a good script ensure that this is both a unforgettable and captivating classic.
Stanley Kubrick's final film was a controversial one (as usual) it also faced mixed reviews (as usual again with Kubrick) but is ultimately a fascinating erotic thriller charting sexual fantasies and double lives. My ethics with relationships has been that sex is usually the cause of most break ups to a degree and this thriller is no exception. The beautiful sequence involving a distraught Kidman telling her woeful tale of a fantasy to her husband is honest and oddly believable. Kubrick moves back to the roots of Lolita with this one, but without all the black humour, and more pumped up graphic sequences. Arguably Kubrick's cleverest film, it depicts one mans hunt for the truth and mystery of infidelity. Tom Cruises double live, part doctor, part insecure persona creates a very human stance on love. The revelations he uncovers and the people he meets are either part of the paranoia that lurks in his over charged fantasy or the truth to saving his marriage. Fascinating to watch and despite its length easy to be pleased with Eyes Wide Shut's biggest flaw is in the selection of Tom Cruise himself. His acting, while never bad brings a certain distance from the main concept, and the premise of the relationship. In short his love for Kidman is not believable. Their arguements hold no chemistry or really passion despite the pair being married in real life. It's a tricky film to dissect because like most Kubrick films it's troublesome nature and expertly confusing plot holds no clear answers (much like the very vague and somewhat flawed masterpice that is ' The Shining'). Overall I would not pay much attention to the negative acclaim this film is often given, while Cruise is very badly miscast, the script, Kidman and Kubrick's very stylish and concise camera work make this more than average. Very good controversy indeed
A Life In Pictures is a compelling documentary on Kubrick and his films which flys by too fast. Despite its 140 minutes running time this tribute from all those who worked with the master auteur (including a narration from Tom Cruise and a ginger Shelley Duvall) is pretty light stuff. It runs chronologically through his films so briefly that most of the information shared is generally common knowledge. Where this biographical piece really excels is in telling the story of Kubrick himself, which is fascinating to comprehend, especially with his odd relationship with the media. The feature also charts Kubricks unrealised projects such as A.I., a film which spielberg finally got around to making in 2001 (ironic year). All in all the contribution of Kubricks wife is the best, she after all was married to the twice divorced man for 41 years. The fact that this man was allowed complete creative control from the day dot shows that even the warner bros. finest could not keep him on a leash. Kubrick showed his worth, making some fine pictures, that only get better with age, and with each watch
Stanley Kubrick Top Ten Overall
1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 96/100
2. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 91/100
3. Paths Of Glory (1957) 89/100
4. Full Metal Jacket (1987) 87/100
5. The Shining (1980) 86/100
6. Lolita (1962) 90/100
7. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 83/100
8. Dr. Strangelove (1964) 74/100
9. Spartacus (1960) 73/100
10. Barry Lyndon (1975) 73/100
:fresh: Eyes Wide Shut is a beautiful movie about beautiful people thinking and talking about thinking of doing nasty stuff. Like most of Stanley Kubrick's films the set pieces are magnificent, the music perfect, and the actors wonderful. The movie starts with our beautiful couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, a seemingly happy and successful pair with a beautiful young daughter, we see them at cushy lawyer Sydney Pollock's party where they dance and perhaps flirt a little with other guests...but they go home together. One night their idyllic life comes to screeching halt when they are having a relaxing joint, and end up asking and then honestly answering questions they were far better off not knowing at this case the fact that Kidman has had fantasies of being with other men....well that sends Tom on a journey into some very dark places...and we the viewers are left feeling a little uncomfortable being the proverbial fly on the wall. Of course that was most definitely Kubrick's intention...and with that alone he succeeds masterfully....of course our leading man spends much of this movie just as uncomfortable as we are...and that could be part of the fun of watching this film. As Cruise tries to navigate the very unseemly underground night-life we are reminded of Alice going down the hole....we know absolutely no good can come of it....but we must follow.
RATING (0 to ****): ***1/2

Stanley Kubrick's final film "Eyes Wide Shut", ten years later, has been one of his most polarizing. You'll encounter people who find it oddly alluring, and others who find it unbearably dull. There's even debate over whether Kubrick thought this was his masterpiece, or if he regretted everything on his deathbed.

Now that I've finally seen it, I fail to understand these reactions. "Eyes Wide Shut" is engrossing from beginning to end, and keeping in mind Kubrick's deliberate pacing, its long runtime flies by quicker than anything in recent memory. A bizarre film that's all about sex, yet it features a thoughtful treatment of obsession and infidelity rather than coming anywhere close to artsy pornography, we find ourselves just as fascinated and mystified as Tom Cruise's Dr. Bill Harford.

When death comes into the picture, Kubrick makes sure we're unnerved, especially as he never gives us a true answer; any explanation sounds plausible, especially with his career of cinematic pranks (my favorite being the comedy/parody he successfully tricked people into thinking was a horror classic, "The Shining"). While I reviewed "Kramer vs. Kramer" as a drama with many non-comedic punch-lines, Kubrick's sense of humor lasted until the bitter end. He makes sure to end (read: cut off) "Eyes Wide Shut" in the funniest manner possible.

MPAA: R (strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug-related material)
Runtime: 2 hours, 39 minutes (154 minutes of "real movie")
An arousing adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Following this man through his journey, with the twists and turns, is very entertaining.
After Days of THunder the two amazing actors/actresses return with their eyes wide shut. Tat is probaly the best way to describe the film as it has no direction at all, and while its not linear, it just goes blindly around the place. With that said, however, Kidman deserves at least a nomination for her perfomance and Stanley Kubrick is definately suitable for this film as director even though at times the script is unevenly balanced. The result turns iunto a rather surprisingly entertaining romantic comedy that will amuse the audience...if they open their eyes.
Extremely sexy and thrilling, Eyes Wide Shut is an unique and intriguing story that raises questions about the line between simple curiosity and dangerous behavior. Obsession and erotica run rapid through this visual masterpiece. Kubrick especially excels in the street scenes of NYC.
If I could give this a 0% I would.
Things I learned from "Eyes Wide Shut".
1) Never again go to a theater complex with no movie in mind and only see a movie based on show-time, bad mistake.
2) If I know a movie is going to be terrible after 10 minutes and my thinking process is "I should get up and ask for my money back....but I heard that there was alot of nudity so I guess I will stay", well that is the worst mistake of all and I now always get up and ask for my money.

"Eyes Wide Shut" is based on an old literary theme where the main character seems to be in a dream-like state and during their travels they meet many new and unusual characters, the best example of this is Nathaniel Hawthorne's "My Kinsman, Major Molinuex." I suppose Kubrick did accomplish the gist of the theme because I instantly recognized what he was trying to do however in the process he forgot the story so all we get is the wandering visuals of a director who has lost his way and has filmed so much is confused during all the editing to the point it is an uneven drawn out ego trip for both the director and stars.

Early in the movie I realized I dont like any of the characters, there is no chemistry between any of the cast, and any interaction between the cast is so disjointed that the flow to the movie is jarring. This is the result of poor direction and poor casting as there was no point in the movie where I couldn't tell they were not acting.
Tom Cruise played it like someone who was impersonating William Shatner would of done and Nicole Kidman has had so much work done that its like watching present day Cher trying to act.

This is the worst movie I have ever paid money to see with the only one being close would be "Fresh Horses."

WHY Watch? Review:
Kubrick's last film, a haunting examination of fidelity and sexuality. An "odyssey" in its own right.

WHAT to watch?:
The dreamlike quality of the entire film. The infamous scenes at the mansion.

WHO to watch?:
Tom Cruise is effective, but I feel Nicole Kidman is way more convincing as the doctor's lonely wife.