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Extreme Movie 2008

A sketch comedy movie about the joys and embarrassments of teen sex. But mostly the embarrassments...

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Solar rating: 7.4


Imdb rating: 3.8

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It has its moments ...just not enough of them
A real mixed bag of vignettes, most are just stupid but some of it is funny. The actors seemed to have fun making it. Fans of warped humor will enjoy. Matthew Lillard has a good bit playing himself.
love this movie.
It's Uncensored, Outrageous and Completely Inappropriate that's how I like it.
I really love this movie,it was totally good,it's just like American Pie meets The
Last American Virgin meets Kentucky Fried Movie meets Sex Drive meets Scary
Movie.I gave that movie 100 thumbs.
If you are expecting a scary movie/another teen movie type of show, this is not it!

extremely funny. a must watch for all dudes and butch dykes alike!!


nothing to spoil here. just a fun, funny movie with outlandish skits and a decent story to string them along together.

The only funny scene is the Blue Balls Puppet scene.
Amazing movie, very witty.
way to awful for me to enjoy. Only michael ceras sketch was even a tad bit funny

It came in a sneak preview and half the cinema walked out in the first 20 minutes,teenagers and adults! I have never experienced that in a sneak preview or movie!
Degrading towards teenagers and not even close to being funny.
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