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Evil Dead 2013

Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival...

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Imdb rating: 6.5

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A great horror film from individuals who respected the original source material enough to make a great remake. Very enjoyable, and definitely the start of a franchise, especially considering that post-credits scene.
One of the only horror films I've seen in the last few years that actually scared me. Deadite Mia, man; that's some scary schtick right there!
Pretty stupid movie.
Well let's get the party started. They had some really big--------- to remake this. As this film franchise was a fan favorite for a long time. But as you noticed that all it's friends got remade any how-Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Child's Play. And most were pretty good but some on this list really sucked. And when you make a piece of film and it sucks the fans are the first to tell you. And the film is completely forgotten. On the other hand if you do it justice just like Halloween well fans will show you lots of love. And possible there will be a sequel just like with this film. I think this film really falls into the Halloween category. It took a lot to make a film with out recasting the Bruce Cambell role. Like in the extras they really didn't want to miss with the character and I agree with them. It's more of a continuation than a remake if you are into the small details. The old car for one is one of those details that tells you so really early in the film. I think everything is done here with perfection. Love the cast, and the acting. Like many films of this ilk cast complete unknowns. I've seen two of the male actors before but can't really place them. I loved the shot selection as it sets the spooky mood. Some scenes really stand out. Like for example the shower scene or when it rains blood wow that scene really hit it out of the park!!!!!!!!. This film does so many things right there is no way you can hate this film. It a rock and roll horror film. It's an adrenaline shot to the heart from the beginning. It's pretty scary all the way through as well. The possessed are really scary mean come one a nail gun, a large piece of glass, and a needle all very cool weapons. And everything happens so fast that if you blink you will definitely miss a great horror moment. This is the way to reanimate a other wise comatose franchise.
Not scary. Just ok
This one is outright stupid, boring and horribly acted. 3.0/10
I was going to watch this movie until I seen that btch at the end of the trailer...that s aint happening my friend.
do you mean jug face? i haven't seen it yet but i'll read comments
I don't believe it !! Is it the same "evil dead" movie of 1981 ?
Was it worth it remaking this film?
I had a good laught watching the one of 1981, how is this new version ?
Best Horror movie remake since Rob Zombies Halloween. I frickin love it!
alright for a horror gorefest movie but to give it the name Evil Dead is just wrong, no Bruce Campbell and not even any humor whatsoever = not Evil Dead!
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