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Escape Plan 2013

When a structural-security authority finds himself set up and incarcerated in the world's most secret and secure prison, he has to use his skills to escape with help from the inside...

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Another Jim Caviezel sleeper movie, plus add in a couple of old hands and it gets pretty harry at times. Another decent action flick!
I liked it. good action but i think i liked the ending most:)
Watchable movie.
Movie had its poor script and poor directing moments BUT with its "page turning" moments ....... movie held its own. Crappy chopper scene and this is owed to the writer(s)....are you telling me one could not write a better escape scene (you will notice the indestructible chopper and the long (vacation moment) hovering instead of flying awayyyyyy ...... seriously writers!!!!' ...... I was so mad ..... as movie could have be way better.
What's with the negative comments on 50's acting??? Thought this rapper did an awesome job as his delivery was, as for Arnold.....dam Arnold!!!
Jim Caviezel pass protrail in Deja Vu was believable and natural...however, not sure in this case that I would agree with this delivery ..... as his character, the warden seems over played, hence not believable.
Again minus moments of crappy script and bad dialogue and acting from Arnold .... I say this ones worth the watch.
Is Sly in an only whites jail? 30 sec's in Ill escape....
i could stand to watch it again, good movie
It was fun. S&S are predictable for the most part. Maybe some new stuff but that is not why I watch movies with either of them in it. 50 Cent didn't bring anything to the movie but at least he had limited screen time.
unbelievable, as in not believable
7.5/10 - decent movie, entertaining, usual cheese from the Stallone/Swcharzenegger duo, not a total waste of time...that being said, quite unbelievable
sooooo much 80's cheese...
great movie
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