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Loved this movie! I recommend it to anyone looking for something different that will blow their mind to some degree.
@nventura anytime
@Ealchemist thats it. thanks.
@nventura movie you are thinking of with ryan gosling is "only god forgives"
i watched this initially because i thought Ryan Gosling was in it. He wasn't, but he should have been. Great movie. I can't think of anything like it.
Well actually i was deciding to watch this movie BUT I saw the trailer first & then .... I just understand :3
what in the h*ll did I just witness? this is one of the most "out there" movies I've ever seen. The camera play was really awesome and original. The ending was a bit wtf. It's the kind of movie that requires multiple watches and even after those, you're still like, "huh?". Long movie 9/10 for effort and general originality. Nothing else out there like it.
The trailer really has nothing to do with the movie or with explaining the movie after watching this movie i'm somewhat confused, disturbed, and dizzy from the awkward filmography and plot, even with all that said it's still worth a watch.
couldn't get into this the first time - a year ago.. had to give gaspar noe a second chance.. wow, this is a heavy film.. i mean morbidly obese heavy.. the lighting, images and camera angles are striking - and....mesmerizing.. this concept of afterlife had better not be accurate.. once i make it outta heah, i ain't comin' back.. and if i discover this has occurred, i'll kill myself.. again.. sooner.
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