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to close to the book, they should have change something
This was a great movie I really enjoyed it so much.
thought provoking and intelligent si-fi. Cool.
Such a great peace of scifi :)
Great movie, visually pleasing, and well performed on all fronts. The environments are constantly changing, so it takes a little getting used to, but the overall feel and the characters that are in them don't change much, so you never feel uncomfortable or jolted around. I'm going to have to grab the books and read them all again. 9/10 will watch again. Would be cool if they did the other books as well. Here's to hoping...
I never read the book but it was entertaining.
Love this movie so much
i love sci-fi.
love this doubt it's a good movie.
I freaken Loved it.Hands down an amazing movie. Idc what others say that movie was the shet man.
@Darthintrepid The short that became the book this was based on was published like 8 years before Last Starfighter came out. Darn you, Card! You psychic plagiarist lol