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Not sure why I put off watching this, perhaps it was the documentary-style description but if anything it made this even more realistic. Its simply brilliant, great script and the two lead actors were excellent. Can't really find a fault with this so it gets a 10/10 from me.
Whenever that one gang member was in a scene, I just wanted to punch him for dropping an "F-bomb" as every other word in his sentences. I couldn't even understand him it was just so excessive. But, let's be honest; his overuse of the "F-bomb" every two words isn't uncommon in everyday life.
I see people posting a clip from this movie on social media sites and thinking it's real. It's funny when that happens. This movie is good very good.
best movie of 2012
Good movie can't complain about a shoot em up cops vs bad guys movie. I was surprised that the plot came together like it did. I thought they were just random scenes until they made them connect toward the end. Worth the watch I would defintely recommend it.
Very good, the last scene is hilarious :) 8/10
Very good movie. Usual cop & gang battle. Wasn't bad at all for me!
Saw this at the theater...A great watch 7.5/10
simply stunning.
HILARIOUS!!! A Must watch and i will definitely be buying this and adding it to my collection :) 10/10
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