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People do know that the director who shot the movie and the novelist who writes the book. They are TWO DIFFERENT human beings. The movie and book are not suppose to be the same entirely. The director wants to (RE)create the book/movie the way he wants to. Anyways, I love this movie for everything that it is. (:
I looooove this movie. It's just so sweet ( and corny) and it always gets me in a really good mood- and ultimately isn't that just a wonderful thing, to be in a good mood? methinks yes! :-)
This is such a sweet story! I really enjoyed watching it :)
Originally, Heston was going to be a puppet, but the director quickly realized that is wasn't going to work, and became a digital character.


Wow. They sure were successful at destroying this beautiful novel. The first half of the movie was very similar, but it had its low points . . . for example, Mandy was transformed from a wise old woman, into a bumbling, scatter-brained fool who couldn't use magic properly. And Char . . . don't even get me started. "I'm fascinated by your disdain for me." So he loved Ella because she wasn't in love with him! Riiiight . . .

There were two people in this movie who I desparately wanted to shoot.
1. That horribly annoying narrator. He just . . . got on my nerves. He was more of a Dr. Seuss narrator than a fairy tale narrator. Everything about him was just wrong.
2. The talking snake. Why, I ask you! WHY?! He served absolutely no purpose in the movie. Must . . . kill . . .

Then there was her relationship with Char. All wrong. All. Wrong. In the novel, she kept in contact with him for months and wrote to him for a year before she decided her feelings about him. In the movie, she changed her mind in an afternoon.

And the entire second half of the movie came from Hamlet. Why Hamlet?! Of all the possible stories . . . it just seemed kind of . . . random. Heck, the whole movie was random. But Hamlet? Hamlet and Ella Enchanted? That's just plain wrong.

The other random part of the movie were the songs. I mean, some movies make songs work *looks at Disney* This one didn't. Nope. The songs were completely and entirely random and did not fit at all.

So, to conclude, this whole movie was pieced together from random parts of random stories with random songs, random characters, and random bits of relationships. I'm not sure if it's just me, but all the emotions in the movie seemed rather . . . forced. I didn't feel anything during the sad parts or the happy parts. It didn't give me a chance.

Oh, and if this was supposed to be a comedy, I didn't see that at all.
...tonight with Ella Enchanted, an uninspired take on fairy tales that tries to be a live-action Shrek but fails miserably with its corny jokes, poor acting and cheesy production; makes the awful Prince and Me seem like a masterpiece!! I was ready to leave after the first 10 minutes of the movie (and believe me, there were those that did) was that unbearable!!

The right mood for this would be ahhh, that is so sweet. Ok this movie is really corny but it is also funny and smart in several places. The leads aren't the best in the world but the supporting cast more than makes up for that. I recommend this movie to anyone who is young at heart and still believes in love.
A wonderful movie to take the girls to see! :fresh:
:rotten:At the risk of the colors and font being unreadable for this review, I've made them larger so you can't miss a word. If there's one film that definitely had the heart, but not the brain or talent it was "Ella Enchanted" starring Anne Hathaway and Joanna Lumley (of Absolutely Fabulous fame). As I sat in the theatre my eyes itched to be gouged out, I was horrified to think that the movie audience really considered the kids of today this stupid. Not even ninjas or Eric Idle's brief cameo saved this film. It was Moulin Rouge's deformed off-spring as it took a free-ride on classic rock songs that should not have been touched. Not even four (or was it five? I pretty much made a bee-line for the bathroom after I saw this movie, and I think you can guess why) writers could make this film into the adorable, smart gem it had the potential to be. Sorry, guys, it just didn't cut it, and I think the one little girl sitting at the back of the theatre would agree with me.

In the End: If you are a parent wanting to take your child to a film that will entertain all of you, try "Home on the Range", because it's Disney (and not "Brother Bear") and it's also their last hand-drawn motion picture. See it while you can!
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