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Eight Below 2006

Brutal cold forces two Antarctic explorers to leave their team of sled dogs behind as they fend for their survival...

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the best friends of my life have been dogs and horses.. some of us care for them more than some folks do for their children.. and, even so, we are disappointed that we weren't able to do more for them.
Maybe my favorite Paul Walker film. He died today at 40. A great adventure movie with some difficult o swallow spots but over all sharp production style. If you aren't crying at the end you aren't human and should get that checked.
Love it.
well done
I really liked this movie, and, yes, this stuns me
Eight Below is a fun and very entertaining movie. Paul Walker has inproved in his acting ability. The dogs were great...and were trained very well for this movie. The movie runs a little long at 2 hours, but, it still moves at a good pace. The ending is basically what you would expect from a disney still entertains you.
This movie will capture the heart of any animal lover! Based on a true story this movie will make you sob until you have no tears left!! A MUST SEE!! Good for any age, one of the best movies of the year! :fresh: :up:
Not good enough.

Grade : B

eight below

a weird artsy movie about dirvoce starring the odd pick of jeff danniels who was very good ,the movie was incitful ,funny and just odd at times i loved it -8-
Btk killer
handy cam movie enough said- 0-
family stone
just like any other movie were a girl goes meets the fam and it turns out bad and blah blah blah blah i promise you have seen this all before and you dont have to again -1-
everything is illuminated
a odd art house movie starring eliugh woods
this movie as about a jewish man who takes a road trip to the ukraine to find a women who saved this gandfather ,this movie had a couple funny moments but by the half mark to gets lost and boring something that wont be soon forgeten but something i will never watch again -5-

I don't why I was putting off seeing this movie, this movie was worth the wait though. I loved everything about this movie. The acting was great, the music was good. The sets were put together well. I thought the directing was done really well, considering what he was having to work with, Dogs. This movie is also for everone, any age. This movie was clean, nor profanitu, but it was also Disney so I don't know many movies they put out that have curse words in. Good for everyone, see this movie soon.
With major snow storms heading their way, Antartic exploring teams must leave their team of sled dogs behind as they fly off for their own survival. Jerry, feeling very distraught, tries everything he can to go back and bring those dogs back.

Inspired by a true story, Eight Below tells the magnificent story of survival of a team of sled dogs who were left behind in a major snow storm. I can watch films in which people lose their limbs, such as KILL BILL. But if any movie where an animal is in danger, I tend to get a little tear trickle down my face. Eight Below takes this idea and pushes it to the extreme. The dogs are so cute, kick-ass, adorable, courageous and lovable, you can't go into this film expecting not to cry.

Paul Walker is upstaged by these dogs, and Jason Biggs is upstaged by Paul Walker. With saying that, you shouldn't see this movie for those two actors, one of which I didn't even know was in this film. The dogs are the main focus of the story and even though you know that one or two dogs WILL die, you can't help but feel the tears build up inside when you see it on the screen. Watching the trailers, I knew that OLD JACK was going to die, his name is OLD JACK for crying out loud. It's even emotional for the death of the one dog, who's name I couldn't even remember. That doesn't mean that you don't connect with him, you do see the significant scar on his eye.

Watching the dogs on the screen made me very fearful for their fate. Every second that went by, I was praying that they would not get into any danger. Of course whenever they were, especially regarding an evil seal, I was on the edge of my seat. Eight Below is a Disney film that aims for an older audience then Disney would usually shoot for. It has many tearful scenes, many gross-out scenes and one that I'll admit, made me jump.

Marshall manages to keep the tension throughout the film, even when we are not with the dogs. Our hearts are still with them, but we are watching Walker teach some kids how to kayak. Eight Below contains some beautiful cinematography and it uses it's surroundings very well. The ice top mountains and star filled sky are beautiful.

The film a little lengthy, it feels like two different films in one, the second half being the more intense, emotional, heart-warming half. It was hard to be fully enjoying the movie in a theatre packed full of timid kids who are grossed out by the dogs eating birds and a whale, along with the parents telling the kids what's happening on every screen.

In the end, Eight Below is a good film, that is full of many emotional scenes, especially when the team make their way back to the station. The kids will want to see this film, but it is a little bit more intense then one would think. The bottom line is that the dogs are groovy and I would take these dogs over the penguins any day.
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