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Good movie. Worth a watch
very good movie, thought provoking, heart breaking.
A very good movie.
I'm drawn to this subject in movies I guess because it's hard for me to imagine the astounding depravity of human traffickers on my own. That it is so widespread is depicted more so in "Trade" with Kevin Kline and "Human Trafficking" with M Sorvino and D Sutherland. While I prefer 'Trade", both are informative and good watches to boot.
very diabolical i like your thinkg XD @rmccauley37
This movie was to realistic it seems like all of the government officials may having an action about this kind of sex abuse among women that below ages... and the good thing to eden in this movie is even her been stay along time on that matter she never stop to think to escape and make a positive thoughts that she has a luck to go in any possible time...thumbs up! good movie anyway. 9 out of 10...
Better than expected
Excellent movie, it's heartbreaking that what this poor girl goes thru. 8/10 stars.
Nice movie
this was a fantastic movie well worth the watch highly recommend it
Watched "Eden". This is based on a true story about a girl who is kidnapped and forced into the prostitution trade. This is a sad story of what the girl believed she had to do to survive in the sex trade business. The movie is educational in a way of what is happening to young girls in America as well as around the world also. The movie is a little predictable but well worth watching to see how the girl survived. I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.
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