i wish Lynch was directing the new Star Wars, i know this movie isn't perfect, but i like the look and scale of it.
still a decent watch ;)
This was before Patrick Stewart played Picard, and he's actually a shakespearian actor.
And once again I say unto all of you people, if you liked this film then watch the Sci-Fi channel version, which I believe can be found on this site. It was ... I think a 3 part mini series, and has way more story in it than this version. Both are good, but I actually like the Sci-Fi channel version better. Now that there is definitely not something that happens very often.
"What you readin' for?"
That's Bill Hicks....
Dammit, you stumped me...
"What you readin' for?" :-D
Remember Hicks? ''Well, well...looks like we've got ourselves a reader.''
Thank you. Don't worry, I have a faithful following. Haha x
wow gave you 1 and it went back down
Someone here is not into reading thanks for the bump down.
The book is worth reading, it will give you more insight, and it won't spoil the film, if anything it will make it better, which is not often the case. =)