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Slow paced but full of intensity and drama, this one is a great film. Acting is great. Plot is basic but I think the movie focuses more on the characters than the plot, so it all works out great.
This movie is terrible, hardly any driving for a movie called drive and is incredibly slow with a mediocre plot line. Don't watse your time.
Very tragic tale. Plus the song at the beginning got me hooked on Kavinsky. Indeed this film is one you have to watch.
This is a solid neo-noir flick. I liked it quite a bit.
This is a solid 9/10
Well that wasnt depressing at all. Kinda put me in the mood to play GTA
Not my favorite movie it was a strange mix of action and romance but without some how satisfying either. Fortunately most parts have Ryan Gosling in them and he makes the most out of what he is given and does pull off some nice driving but given the title I would have expected a lot more 7.5/10
All in all a good flic. Love the 80's music.
not bad but not good at all at a waste of time i thought all the time it could get better but naaaaaaa shhh enfim...
all the movie links have such bad sound. or no sound at all.
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