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Can't believe I've never seen this. It's definitely thought-provoking. Well worth a watch or three.
@kentclark Ya its a trippy movie as well lol
I might have to watch this again to fully comprehend....not bad though. I did like the music and Drew Barrymore's character. A young Ashley Tisdale is in this lol.
this is one of my favorite movies ever.
@crystalskull This is one of the few movies that get better every time you watch it. Go back to it again. I have watched it probably 20 times over the last ten years and the pay off is richer and richer. One of the greatest movies of our era, in my humble opinion.
@john26745 ik right,Mad World - Gary Jules such a soundtrack taking you elsewhere....
I cant describe my was incredible,very mysterious and dark film. Deeply mind stretching and a little bit touching your emotional sides.scary and amazing at the same time.i really liked this movie,don't know how to praise it.
I think I'm traumatized (you should definitely watch it).
Great acting from Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal, a very interesting film indeed. I give this one a @@@@ cheese.
what else to describe it?mind f**k movie.It leaves you a little confused, awe struck, and wanting more. I can't think of many films that would be more original and confusing than this!
Man time travel right here, reminded me of my childhood. Goin to my buddies, get'n blitz'd n watch'n this trippy movie.
So freakin weird yet so good all at the same time !!!
@timenchips i was about the same age and i am still waiting for the ah-ha moment.. hehe.. i dig this film so much, it still surprises me each time i watch it with something new :)
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