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Sends a message to men. It's a pretty good movie.
@Kewkew you ain't never lied.
I read Channing Tatum, Cuba Gooding Jr... in the SolarMovie cast top page. Never seen the film but according to IMDb it's more like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson... Am I wrong or am I wrong?...
I wasn't sure about this movie, but i really enjoyed it. The underlying message of the film was really great. I liked the ending! Although I did dislike Scar Jo's accent it really put me off. Other than that 9/10 IMHO.
Meh... it's okay. I think it has a good lesson for men and certain kinds of women but other than that it didn't really catch my fancy. I didn't get too bored though so that's good. 6.5/10
I like Scarlett and Joseph, but I did not like this movie :\ The ending wasn't so bad though.
Nice movie 8/10
i really thought i was not going to like this movie but hell was i wrong
Not that bad…i'd say 8/10
Great movie. Liked the character development.
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