Interesting concept, story with feels, characters you hate, actors that shine and an ending that is very satisfying. 4 stars from me!
November, 13 - theatre:

A masterpiece
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Even though I do not highlight any aspects of the plot, please do yourself a favor and see the movie. As with any other movie that stands alone as a brilliant masterpiece, please see the movie before you read the following.

Brilliant. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is nearly perfect in terms of innovative directing, acting, plot, and character development. The simplicity of the movie removes all the unnecessary distractions and focuses the philosophical and moral aspects of the movie to a raw singularity - and the ending makes the movie perfect. The ending the best ending of a movie that I have ever seen.
This movie is riveting. Verfremdungseffekt in action. Can we escape our own arrogance? Disconcerting but essentail viewing.
First I thought I'd end up really bored and didn't want to watch the movie till the end, but there's something so different about how the movie was made, the whole idea, it just attracted me to go on watching it. Dogville was interesting, but it had its flaws, and there were times when I got bored. Though when Nicole Kidman played most of the part I enjoyed the scenes much. She played well in this movie and added a lot to a good atmosphere.
I went to the Raptors game tonight, and they got hooooossseedddd. New Jersey mopped the floor with them! At first it was close and pretty intense despite the fact that half the team is injured (but Bosh was playing!) but eventually it just got pathetic and it was all downhill from there.

Anyhooo keep voting! (See post below)

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Dogshit. HT

PS A comment on the above review has flooded in from one of my readers, suggesting I ought to add something on the moral implications of the film. OK I will add this. What every other review I've read of Dogville seems to miss is that it is a religious film. Kidman is Jesus, Caan is God. Once you realise this, loads of things fall into place e.g. the significance of the flywheel? The cross! Understand now? It's still a buttock-taxing corpse of a movie, mind. HT
Ate with my makan kahkis yeaterday at this X restaurant, Sakura at Safra Tampines. While X, it was however very good and worth every cent. We were early at 6.30pm but it was almost half reserved that we could only get an outdoor seat. At least our safra crd entitled us to some discounts.

Went visit grandma today, and spent half the day playing soul caliber on PS2. Other then that nuthing special.

Watched Dogville today. All i can say was WOW! Incrediably good. While somewhat long at 3hrs, and the pace at times is plodding, Nicole Kidman gives the performance of a lifetime. I did not like Kidman at all, and was only midly impressed with previous movies like Cold Mountain, The others, Moulin Rouge. But in Dogville, argurably her best performance yet, she is simply hypnotic and powerful. The Director's unique way of presenting it in a minimalistic stage setting gives it the look of a play. The Dark satrical undertone is ever present, and is reminiscent with Animal Farm, which i had watched previously, in its damning depiction of selffishness and hypocrisy. As a social satire, it is gritty and pointed. The weakness of it is its plodding pace, overlong viewtime, and a way too predictable plot. Its predictable to the extent that you almost feel manipulated into sympathy for Kidman's character. The Ending itself is also anticlimatic. While not exactly bad, it lacks the oomph to shock, despite the fact that the ending is meant to shock.

Watch this movie: it'll make waves in 2004, and i'll be damned if it doesn't get any oscar nominations.

This is my first entry here, to remember and evaluate all the movies that I have seen for future references.


This story tells of a woman on the run from gangsters and ended up in a remote mountain town called dogville. Using the concept of theatre-like stage, with minimum props and maximum lighting. With a story-book narrative style that uncovers the story line chornologically, there is nothing new as compared to the usual hollywood classical narrative style of writing a story with no flashbacks. But director Lars von Trier is famous for his controversial stories and shocking endings that come with an unexpected twist. Likewise, von Trier-fans will not get disappointed.

The cast is fabulous. Nicole kidman delivers one of her career best performance in Dogville. Non-showy like her perf. in the Hours, but well constrained performance with subtle gentleness makes her Grace so believable and moving. Paul Bettany is excellent as the town's "poet" and idealist. With knowledge limited to this small town, Paul conveys his emotions. his fears and betrayal true and fine. The rest of the cast like Patricia Clarkson all deliver performances so real you feel like you are in a live theatre performance.

Given the limited budget and props, the cinematography is amazingly astonishingly beautiful. Director uses lighting to create more imagination into the viewers mind and at one particular scene where Grace gazes out of the blind man's window, one can almost see how beautiful the mountain view is, even though the mountains are not seen on screen.

Movies should try to be innovative and achieve what they want to ultimately, to tell a good story. And Dogville achieves on both accounts

2005 Academy Award For Your Consideration:
Best Director - Lars Von Trier
Best Actress - Nicole Kidman
Best Supporting Actor - Paul Bettany
Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Clarkson, Lauren Bacall
Best Cinematograpy
Best Original Screenplay
There's only one word needed: MASTERPIECE
Kidman's performance is one of the bests ever!
She'll win her second Oscar for this one!