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Django Unchained 2012

With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner...

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Imdb rating: 8.5

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Really good movie. Anyone else think that they singer in the beginning of the movie sounded a lot like Elvis?
One of my favorite movies it has good actors good story and much better then watching the django from 1960
This is a great movie, as many other reviewers have said. I have only watched it once so far, but most of the movie has such a strong presence that I can still recall nearly all of it...and I watched it last year. Also, on a side note, I really, really, really, really love watching Leonardo DiCaprio's roles end, and this movie contains my favorite end to a DiCaprio role...
P.S.: Please, no sequel. A great movie doesn't necessarily need a sequel.
this movie never gets old
best movie I've saw in a long time. big props to Jamie Foxx
One of the best movies of the year. Great cast. Great acting. Great acting. A must see film.
It's not often I finish watching a movie and immediately say that it was one of the best I've ever seen, but I can definitely say that about this film. Perfection! 10/10
this is one of the best movies out there. the clothes are undeniably ill.
my buddies work did shutter island. bobbys of boston.