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Django Unchained 2012

With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner...

Release Date:
December 25, 2012
165 min
Quentin Tarantino ...
Gary Grubbs, Dane Rhodes, John McConnell, Christoph Waltz, Michael Bacall, Jake Garber, James Russo, Amber Tamblyn, Laura Cayouette, Michael Bowen, Kerry Washington, Michael Parks, James Parks, M.C. Gainey, James Remar, Tom Savini, Elton LeBlanc, Lewis Smith, Todd Allen, Dennis Christopher, Clay Donahue Fontenot, Ato Essandoh, Rex Linn, Don Stroud, Kim Robillard, Quentin Tarantino, Zoë Bell, Robert Carradine, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Ritchie Montgomery, Doc Duhame, Walton Goggins, Ned Bellamy, Lil Chuuch, Franco Nero, Jamal Duff, Jon Eyez, Nichole Galicia, Lee Horsley, Misty Upham, Don Johnson, Bruce Dern, J.D. Evermore, John Jarratt, Omar J. Dorsey, Kim Collins, Shana Stein, Edrick Browne, Craig Stark, Sharon Pierre-Louis, Jarrod Bunch, Christopher Berry, Kesha Bullard, David Steen, Kinetic, Louise Stratten, Catherine Lambert, Jack Lucarelli, Brian Brown, Escalante Lundy, Erin Pickett, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar, Glen Warner, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Matthew Parrott, Kimberley Drummond, Johnny Otto, Kasey James, Mark Ulano, Danièle Watts, Miriam F. Glover, Gregory Allen Gabroy, Deborah Ayorinde, Takara Clark, Mike DeMille, Dana Gourrier, Dave Coennen, Keith Jefferson, Belinda Owino, Justin Hall, Richie J. Ladner, Carl Bailey, Samantha Smith, Carl Singleton, Sandra Linz, Ross P. Cook, Kerry Sims, Tristan Tierce, Jordon Michael Corbin, Fatimah Taliah, Rashia Whitlock, Skipper Landry, Marcus Henderson, Santana Draper, Ashley Toman, Kel Owens, Cindy Mah, Ronan Hice, Nicholas Dashnaw, Grace Collins ...
Drama, Action, Western, Adventure ...

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Imdb rating: 8.5

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Very much agree. :)
I agree with u but I think one of Quentin's biggest strengths is his dialogue which makes his characters more interesting, realistic, multi-dimensional and likeable.
and on another note Bettie Page was pretty cool, nice avatar.
I think I like Tarantino movies so much because he does what ever he wants. He does not filter or censor much. His hyperbole in film almost reaches that breaking point but still keeps you in the realm of possibility. This was a very awesome movie and I hope he keeps them coming. 9/10
I love this movie and am going to recommend that you also watch Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen. Django Unchained is a more modern adaptation as far as I'm concerned. 9/10
Why did I skip this movie before, great performance by the 5 of them, and that part Leonardo injured himself and just kept rolling... throw him a freakin oscar...
Really good as far as Quentin Tarantino movies are concerned. Not really a movie you see twice, but it was worth seeing.
@EpicFace As a rule of thumb, I'm not a great fan myself, but he outdid himself with Inglourious Basterds!
This is a sad part of history as far as our gorernment is concerned IMHO. Just doing and saying nothing does no more than add to the problem. LOVE some good SCI-FI myself.
@oldshuntr haha yea xD well some movies are just mentioned to be hated haha biggest reason why I don't like Quentin torontino is because I really dislike old movies and he seem to stop improving and he's new movies have that 90s vibe and camera placements and such :) guess it all depends on our tastes :P especially that I'm a massive Sci fi fan haha and I don't really give my opinions about government because it's a waste of time xD it won't change because nobody is willing to do anything about it and moaning never solved anything xD I'd love a war against governments all around the world haha destroy everything and no police xD I'd purge the hell out of that haha
@EpicFace Not a problem! Every movie can't be judged by everyone. To each his own. Lots of them don't appeal to me either, but I try not to judge those I don't like. I just prefer to give kudos to the ones I like. If I don't comment, then others can make their own judgement on their own. I prefer to make my statements where it really matters these days, like our government....
@oldshuntr aaawh wow I finally know why I hate this movie xD for some reason I can't stand Quentin torontino movies.. not a clue why tho o.O
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