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it was epic must watch first two parts i only watched this i might even upload it in 720p and post the link here
Think the first two movies are better. It was ok
Hey FrznFenix, while you have the more common understanding of the phrase, here is why we call those hot & humid days the "Dog Days of Summer." The phrase has a celestial origin from ancient Roman times. As the Earth rotates contellations can be seen in the night sky at different times of the year. In the northern hemisphere some, like Canis Major - a Latin phrase meaning greater dog, are only seen in winter. The brightest star in Canis Major is Sirius, or "dog star", and it's also the brightest star in the sky during the winter months. However, during the summer months Sirius rises & sets in conjunction with the sun.The ancient Romans believed that Sirius was so bright it added to the warmth of the summer sun, and thus from the "dog star" we get the "Dog Days of Summer".
New trilogy classic 4 the 2012 kids there is Hope!! 10/10
After 9 months an official link for this movie. It was well worth the wait. This movie was hilarious and it is a great end to the trilogy. Thank you for uploading it Zombieman41; the many supporters of this movie applaud your effort and dedication.
funny movie thanks

@TommoLover Samez, idk why no one has uploaded anything yet.
Must of been months since it was first out in cinemas, and still is now.

@TommoLover Well, I do find him kinda cute, lol.
Not a big fan though, just like some of the music.

@stich279 yes it is that hard, since nobody can be bothered to try and record this movie while in the cinema, yet they can do it with loads of other films.
@TommoLover it's okay. :)

@TommoLover, sorry it was just a fake link again.
idk, why it's so hard to find the links for this, it's been in the cinema for a couple of weeks now.

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