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i can't find the first one but it's sort of the same anyway. i like this bc it became a fun-to-watch trilogy. recommend for anyone looking for action and drama
Argh - I wasn't gonna write an entry today. Just couldn't resist.

Yes, I finally got to see Desperado. No, I haven't seen El Mariachi or Once Upon A Time in Mexico.
So here's what I thought: I loved the first half, and I put up with the second half. Don't get me wrong*! The second half was good, but nowhere near as good as the first half, especially after that first half set it up to blow you away. Of course, I wish that Buscemi and Tarantino had lasted a little while longer, but what can ya do, eh?
I don't think the harlequin sex scene was necessary at all. It contrasted well with the nasty sex that followed, but that nasty sex would have been just as funny without the ridiculous lead-in.
I can definetly see why they call this the 'South of the border Pulp Fiction'. The storyline was something that seemed to be inspired by a work of Tarantino - it made me think of a Mexican Kill Bill ... almost. I was asked if this was a drama or a spoof - I'm leaning toward spoof, because it's definetly not a drama. Spoof isn't really the word I'd use.
Some of the shots were amazingly fantastic - the kind that I'd like to steal someday hehehe.

I haven't mentioned this yet - but I was reminded today. I LOVE CALVIN AND HOBBES. Bill Watterson is an excellent artist and it's horrible that he was driven out of the business because of his longing to create that art. I don't agree with every one of his views, but DAMN does he make some great points. I read all my Calvin and Hobbes books pretty much annualy, and they get funnier and more poignent every time.

*I think I say that a lot, too :p
I actually forgot about this place. The five-day weekend was kinda boring, to tell the truth; I got addicted to Hollywood Mogul (, download it, you won't be sorry) once again and spent most of time doing that and watching movies. That's pretty much all that happened.

I hate Math so much. The teacher is one dumb bitch; I sit there for an hour not grasping ANY of what she's saying, so I go up to her and say:

"I don't understand. I don't even understand what it is I don't understand."
"Go sit down."
"But, I don't understand!"
"Get a tutor!"

YOU'RE THE FUCKING TEACHER. TEACH ME. I "need" this class to get into college, supposedly... but I don't WANT to go in Pure and Applied Sciences. I don't give a damn. If that means I won't make money, SO BE IT. See, the reason I want to go into communications is that it's my passion. It's the one thing I know I won't ever get sick of. Maybe I *will* be poor... so what?

I got my school pictures. I look like a total fucktard. People like it, though... my class picture is somewhat better. I'll try to find someone who has a scanner (or, barring that, try to plug mine in, I haven't used it in years) and maybe put it up.

My mom wants me to make a Christmas list. I don't know what I want for Christmas. I haven't got a single goddamn clue. I want money, obviously, but Christmas at my house is too festive and, I dunno, happy to be simply opening envelopes. What's not helping is that, as some of you may know, Christmas is also my birthday... which is really just a heap more crap since that makes it all the more complicated.

Somewhere along the line here I watched Desperado, which was quite disappointing. I liked Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn (hell, I bought the DVD) and El Mariachi, but this was just... bleh. Rodriguez remakes El Mariachi with a lot more money; it turns out that making movies on 7,000 dollars can be a GREAT idea. There's way too many shootouts and too much stuff exploding here. There's no plot to speak of, the characters are paper-thin, it's confusing and not really very entertaining despite the massive amounts of bloodshed on-screen. The good cast livens it up a bit (as does the Salma Hayek nudity) but even so, I've seen everyone here do much better work (even Tarantino, fer chrissakes).
I liked El Mariachi and Once Upon A Time in Mexico too! Rodriquez knows how to blend action, humor and sex appeal. He makes Banderes and Hayek appear as the most sexy people that ever lived, and their chemistry with each other and the camera is intense. The action scenes are well-shot and energetic. The story is cool. The whole thing is very visceral and it gets your pulse going. It also brings a sensuality to its setting. It is obvious that Rodriquez loves Mexico.
This afternoon i saw Desperado, I hadn
Desperado is not nearly as good as its predecessor El Mariachi. Millions of dollars lead to cornier special effects. I didn't like Antonio Banderas as well in the lead as the Mariachi player. The character seemed to cold, too flat most of the time. His dialogue comes off as contrived when it supposed to be charming as in the original. Many of the action scenes are good but are carried a little too far to the extreme. Many of the shootings made me laugh, which I don't think was necessarily always the intended effect. Steve Buscemi and Quentin Taratino are great in their minor roles. The two stories they tell are tantalizing. The conflict of Salma Hayek's character, the battle between drug money and a real economy in Mexico serves as an appropriate conflict and serves the story well.

The problem of Desperado lies in the characterization. I have no problem with Rodriguez's tendency to introduce characters in scenes which give us no hint of their backstory. However, when this is combined with providing no real motivation at all for both the hero and the villain, problems set in.

The movie follows El Mariachi's quest to kill the man who supposedly had his former lover killed. However, we see El Mariachi kill his lover's killer in the previous film. No explanation for El Mariachi's brother's connection to this previous incident is given at all. The result is that the entire chemistry of villain and hero feels hackneyed and contrived.

In addition, the chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek struggles. This isn't a major problem of the film, but the mediocrity of their romance (the low point being the lovemaking scene, filmed with utter conventionality) certainly doesn't help.

Mediocre describes many of the action scenes as well, which aside from the introductory battle, do not have the fresh spark of "El Mariachi", nor the refined professionalism of "Once Upon a Time In Mexico". There is just too much conventionality to them, and none of the tension that is needed.

Still, there are some great scenes in this movie, and as a whole it is moderately enjoyable. Steve Buschemi's entrance and introductory scene are particularly great. However, these are elements that never really capture for greatness for the film as a whole.
I caught Desperado. Its still the first week so I have yet to really hit the homework to hard yet. Starting next week I might not have as much time to watch movies unfortunately.

Desperado was pretty good. The action scenes were insanely good and you can tell that the Wachowski brothers probably took some of what they saw in this movie and applied it to the Matrix.
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A great follow up to the orginal El Marachi that not many people know about. Mainly because it is one of the lowest budgets movie ever made and you really cant tell it. Robert Rodreiguez the amazing director did El Marachi for 7,000 dollars I believe. Normally low budget movies are a few million dollars, but nope not this one. Desperado isn't as good but its damn close. The only downside to this movie, is theres no character development really, but its still great. Antonio Banderas is a great actor he does what he needs to do to be a perfect actor. Steve Buscemi has a role in it, who seems to have a contract to be in every movie ever made, or it seems like it at least. The werid man himself Quentin Tarantino has a role in this movie as well short but still a apperance. Salma Hayek is Antonios love intrest which she does good. Danny Trejo has a small role in this one. There are some great shooting sequences and some bits of comedy added in. You like action movies that aren't your normal action movies then go rent this movie.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico-

This one I believe is the best one of all. It has a great cast better then any of the rest. Johnny Depp joins the cast who is a great amazing actor. It's hard to picture him right after seeing him in Pirates of the Carribean, they look like two diff. actors. Antonio Banderas is still great. Danny Trejo has a bigger role in this movie which is a good role. Also Willam Defoe is in this movie, he reminds me so much of the Green Goblin from Spider-Man i know he was him in the movie, but he says some of the same exact lines in Spider-Man, I was wondering if that happened on purpose or conicidnece. Anyways he is a great actor. I recommend this whole trilogy to you, so go watch it as soon as possible.

Sequel News

--Rob Schneider, an all time great comedian is coming back as the Gigolo in Deuce Bigalo: European Gigolo. Eddie Griffin is expected to return as well as Deuce's man-pimp.
So, what happens in this one you ask? Well I will tell you, Deuce gets invited by his pimp to vacation to Amsterdam, only to discover that he's being pressed back into the flesh biz. It is said to introduce a fresh batch of misfit female cilents. T.J. Schneider wrote the script with David Garret, Jason Ward and Josh Lieb, production will begin this year, with an assummed released date of middle/late next year.

--The Chronicles of Riddick is coming to theaters on June 11th, the sequel to Pitch Black, which I have not seen yet BUT I WILL see it before this one comes out. This movie is said to be better then the orginal matix and is going to be very dark. On another note, Vin Diesel did think about returning to the XXX franchise for #2 but he wnated to get payed $25 million but was turned down so he said no to it. He is set for a The Fast and the Furious 3, but Paul Walker said goodbye to the franchise, so it will still suck, the first one was good, the 2nd I didnt bother seeing, and the 3rd well, sueped up Hondas just dont strike me as something I want to see. Get some Ferrarris or Lamborginis or Porhshe yes my spelling is off on all 3 i'm sure.

Movie News

--Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, will be the co-writer and make his directorial debut on a comedy called 'Family Union'. It will be about most peoples dreadful thing they like to go and do. Going home every 5 years to face one's dysfunctional family.
MacFarlane is also working on a new animated series for FOX, the home for animated series it seems. American Dad will be the name and he will do many of the voices. But can it hold up like Family guy? Or well I shouldn't say that, it got cancelled BUT at least tons of people love it and eventually I believe it will make a comeback, next season perhaps. They though January of this year, but that obviously never happened.

--This is good to add on here, seeing I'm about to review Desperado and Once Upon a time in Mexico. Robert Rodriquez the director of those two movies, who is a very VERY talented director will direct the feature film based on the Sin City series of comic books and graphic novels written and illustrated by Frank Miller. The comic book is the stories of vengeance and redemption set in the grimiest, toughest city in the world. Miller also created the character Electra from Daredevil. If its Robert Rodriguez I have no doubt it won't be good, BUT, he did make the Spy Kids trilogy, which was made for kids and kids loved it, so I won't hold that against him.

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It will most likely be the missing. It should be added tomorrow or the next day, just watch for it.
Not nearly as good as I remembered it, though I saw it when I was like 12 and in love with Antonio Banderas. At the time, I had no idea there was a prequel, nor did I care. Compared to El Mariachi, Desperado sucks. But as it's own film, it's at least okay. I think I fell asleep for part though.