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Very nice. Very very nice. Quentin Tarantino is the man and I loved Kurt Russell in this role. All of the girls were great too.
Tarantino probably had a load of fun making this, and that's all this film is, a lot of fun. Car chases and girls. The old B-movie feel is pulled off pretty well in the opening scenes with the title changing from 'Quentin Tarantino's Thunderbolt' to 'Death Proof' and other deliberate jump-cuts. The film's feel can be best summed up in the final car chase with the psychopathic 'Stuntman Mike' being chased by the girls he was stalking, one of which is strapped to the front of the car. He meets his fate soon enough though with a deadly axe-kick to the face. Yay, violence.
Love the dialogue, love the story, love the gore, love the characters - LOVE the sound-track. Utterly entertaining on so many levels.
Although the movie can get lost in what seems unimportant dialogue, Tarintino still succeeds as usual... with appealing girls, gore and a kick ass ending. Rosario Dawson is awesome as always, and being from NZ it was great to see Zoe Bell on screen doing some awesome hood riding! I love the music in this film, very catchy! Out of the two Grindhouse productions I guess I would go with Planet Terror, but I still think this movie is awesome.
Grindhouse was a great set of movies, Although grindhouse is a win/win ....Rodriguez is my all time favorite director, But I still have to go with Death Proof for the better of the two. Seeing vanishing point as a kid and a few other 70's car movies really helped me get into this movie. The last 30 minutes are amazing. People don't MAKE movies with stunts like this anymore.
The most underrated of tarantino's projects. With excellent character development and intelligent dialogue equal to that of kill bill It's effectively the most badass chick flick of all time.
annoying drawn out movie, trying hard to be something, but it doesn't do it for me. annoying verbal conversations that do not seem to make too much sense they are over descriptive in nature
Ridiculously drawn out. Tarantino is so smug with his wordy dialogue, he adds about 30 minutes of completely useless talking. The first half hour of this movie's pretty good. Kurt Russell does a good job playing a psychopathic wheelman. The problem lies after he's butchered the first group of girls. After that, we get a lengthy, pointless cafe scene. We're then treated to a lengthy, boring car chase, and finally, a stupid ending. Awful. What the hell happened to Tarantino?
As a tribute to 70s exploitation flicks, "Death Proof" doesn't exactly hit the spot.
The opening half felt pointless and lazy, except for the incredible, slow-motion and gory (this IS a Tarantino flick) car crash scene.
But the second half is where the movie picks up, with a terrific car chase and a fitting fate meted out by Rosario Dawson & company to the misogynistic and deranged vehicular serial killer, Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell).
And yet...and yet...Death Proof doesn't exactly have the feel of a 70s exploitation movie.
I don't know - perhaps QT tried too hard.
A very very entertaining and crazy flick, oozes Tarantino, awesome. Love the ending and the soundtrack is pretty darn cool. Great performances from all the girls and Kurt Russell.