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Dead Silence 2007

A widower returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife's murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist...

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I like the Saw easter egg, where you see the puppet of Jiggsaw
Dead silence (R for horror violence and images)


Well dead silence was a very good plot in the movie. But that's probably the only enjoyable thing. Well Dead silence is a good ghost story all in all. But the middle of the movie was very slow. I would recommend this to people that only like thrillers. Becuase it doesn't act like a horror. It does but it's not scary. It's only interesting not scary. But if you like puppets, old-fashion story, an average movie then you'll enjoy this like I did. But I gave it rotten because something was missing in this ghost story.
personally i love this movie. As it of course will never get as much good reviews as saw franchise but its a great effort. The Mary Shaw charactor was played well as well as the end of the movie which was worth waiting for i think
Finally popped in the movie that lived off of the reputation of Leigh Whannell, the director of the Saw movies and helped write and produce this one.

While not a horrible movie, it lacks the plot of 'Saw'. It is basically a movie about a ventrilaquist that lives on through her dummies. Is actually a little cooler than what it sounds. The sets in this movie are really well made and you can tell that they put a good amount of time into making the atmosphere hit you.

One disappointment in the movie is Donnie Wahlberg being in it. I thought he rocked in Saw II, but he steps down a notch in this movie. It is more the writing and the character than him. Maybe you'll agree, maybe not.

I'm not gonna give anything else away, because I definitely recommend you to watch this movie without spoilers. If you are a fan of the 'Saw' movies, definitely check it out. I would consider it a 'Buy', since you can probably find it for real cheap now, but if not-a good rent.

Jamie Ashn's distant relative pissed of a ventriloquest and was murdered decades ago. now trhe ventriloquest wants revenge and is killing of the rest of the family BY CUTTING THEIR TONGUES OUT WHEN THEY SCREAM . but Jamie stops her in time

Loved it, a great thrill ride that was so bland it was good. I am from Aus a and Ryan is a great actor in this. this is a great way to scare little ones with this tale. "BEWARE THE STARE OF MARY SHAW, SHE HAD NO CHILDREN ONLY DOLLS, AND IF YOUU SEE HER, MAKE SURE YOU NEVER SCREAM.
Dead Silence
Starring - Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valleta and Donnie Wahlberg

It's official, puppets suck.

In Saw director's, James Wan, Dead Silence, a widower seeks for answers when his wife is misteriously murdered after recieving a puppet called Billy, who looks creepy but not enough for the dumb couple to throw out. Anyway, so the guy finds out, in his quest, that the puppet belongs to a dead ventriloquist who has a fixation for human tongues. Lovely, isn't it?

PLOT: 2.0
THE HIGHLIGHT: The clown puppet freaked me out... but nah, I got over it.
This is one of the movies where i'm running out of things to watch so i decide to pick it up even though i really don't care to see it. It's predictable, they try to make a scary ending but it's eh, ok. I felt it would make a better video game. The dolls end up being more funny then scary. The best part to me was the cinematography. They did a lot of creative transtions which i've noticed they do in the SAW movies as well.
'Beware the stare of Mary Shaw,

She had no children, only dolls.

And if you see her in your sleep,

Be sure you never, ever scream.'

........I'll be sure to do that. Every small town has their own little 'creepy' legend that's passed down from generation, to generation, and trying to make cinema gold out it more often than not hit or miss. Dead Silence... I think that this little legend could've stayed in Raven's Fair.

The premise is undone, yet seems strangely familiar. An ominous dummy brings death to those around it for it was owned by an old maid ventriloquist who regarded her dolls as children. Blah blah, so someone's got to solve the mystery and put an end to the killings!

I think it seems familiar because there are countless clich
Dead Silence is from the creators of Saw. I like the scary parts in Saw, which technically makes me a fan, but overall, Saw is a very stupid movie. And, Dead Silence, can be even stupider. I would give it a 1/10, becuase it shows no cinematic style when the movie starts, until it gets atleast 1 hour into the movie, and the movie is 1 hour 40 minutes. Yet, I do have to admitt, it had very scary parts in it. But, still I don't see why it was rated R. It didn't say the F word, no sex, no boobs, I would give it a PG-13 rating briefly. It's not that bad, I don't watch for the violence anyways, only the morons do. I watch it like this: action, for the cool parts, comedy, for the funny parts, drama, for the sad parts, horror, for the scary parts. But, this movie, was almost a comedy. It was one of the stupidest horror movies I had ever seen.
I believe the creators of Saw, a Mr. Wan and a Mr. Whannel, were big fans of the movie Magic, which starred Anthony Hopkins and a spooky ventriloquists dummy. You see a creepy dummy in Saw, and then you get this little ghost story with Mary Shaw and her dummy Billy. This movie is trying to stay away from the gore, to concentrate on creep factor. While I enjoy creepiness as much as the next guy, I really need something creepy. The creepiest this movie got for me was the aftermath of the killings where the peoples faces looked like dummies. After you saw maybe the first two, it stopped being scary. The Mary Shaw was fairly freaky too, but not enough to really make me not fall asleep during the movie. This movie seemed slow, and the scares were telegraphed to say the least. The acting was mediocre at best, and the story seemed like a longer version of a Tales From The Crypt story. It was king of like A Nightmare On Elm Street/Magic mash-up without the humor or psychological twists of either. The crux of the story is about a woman, Mary Shaw, a local ventriloquist and nutty spinster who lived with her dolls. After a series of grisly murders seemingly tied to the woman, Mary Shaw herself is found murdered. The ghost then haunts the town and the people who murdered her. The protagonist of the story, obviously a relative of one of Mary Shaw's murderers, gets an anonymous box at his New York apartment. It contains Billy the dummy. When the hero comes back from getting dinner, he finds his wife murdered. He goes back to his hometown to bury his wife, discover who the real Mary Shaw was, and also find out why his wife was killed. What we have next involves a "been there, done that" story that I would rather skip over to say this could have really been better than it was. With Wan and Whannel's pedigree, it really should have been. Instead we have a boring little B movie that literally bored me to sleep. 5/10