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Dark Skies 2013

As the Barret family's peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them...

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super good movie recommend watching it. Much better than i ever thought. Its been a while since we had a good suspenseful movie...:}
I agree with Ty04, one of the best alien abduction films I have seen! Very suspenseful with a twist ending. I really liked it.
Great movie didn't expect this much suspense!
hands down one of the best abduction/alien movies ive ever seen, this one literally gave me the bumps , youl rate this a 10 if you have high intelligence lol when you really think about the very real , ALMOST certain fact that they ARE among us and HAVE been, doing cosmos knows what on us. its a nice thought to be not alone here, and equally terrifying simultaneously. This film portrayed both sides of belief and skepticism VERY well . i could watch this 1000 times in my bodily span here, and still not get tired of seeing it. 10/10
This movie is soooo good and scary! Definitely on my list of best thrillers! 10/10
I watched this some time ago and didn't expect much. However I loved it. I liked Insidious the best, then Dark Skies and Sinister. I think all three came out pretty close together. I'm a huge horror fan and I liked these better than any of the horror flicks (that I have seen) that have come out for awhile now.

If you like movies with Aliens check out these two underrated flicks.

Altered (2006)

The Fourth Kind (2009)

Also, I'm sure everyone has seen it, but obviously-
Fire in the Sky (1993) is classic!
Pretty big fan of these type of alien flicks but usually go for the more underground less well known types and when i had seen the commercials for this one on tv i figured it be cheesy & not for me but when finally gave it a chance or more like put it on to fall asleep to one night found it wasn't half bad. Not too spooky but good amount of suspense and worth at least one watch.
Was ok, not like good or great, just ok.
decent sci-fi movie ...
I've been a huge fan of Aliens in movies ever since I was a little kid and I really, really liked this film. As I was watching I became increasingly aware that it's likely these events could in a sense, be actually occurring on our little blue marble called home and that's what enticed me to love this film so much.

If you're a fan of this movie as well I recommend you watch "fire in the sky" co-starring Paul Rudd.
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