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Dante's Peak 1997

A vulcanologist arrives at a countryside named Dante's Peak after a long dormant volcano, which has recently been named the second most desirable place to live in America, and discovers that Dante's Peak, may wake up at any moment...

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Pierce Brosnan never ceases to amaze me.
Wow, I've been oversocialized for the past five days.

Amanda craved a bad disaster film, so we watched "Dante's Peak" on Thursday night with Sarah and Robin. Just... "fmeh."

Saw Harry Potter 3 on Saturday morning with Amanda and Neil (Mayfield clinic thing), and wow! I don't mind the new director's decisions at all about straying a little from the book. It's a movie, after all - if you want it exactly like the book, then read the book. And it's weird to see the actors grow up. There was little emphasis on Quidditch in this one too, now that I think of it. Hrm... The dementors were pretty much what I imagined, and the Maurador's map (sp) was also good. Emma Watson, however, is too hot too soon. People aren't supposed to realize Hermione could be attractive until the fourth book, when she's redone for the ball. So much for frizzy, untamed hair and buck teeth.

Took Minerva to Newport yesterday to see the aquarium and then Dodgeball. Yar, I just think the timing was off and there were a few things that should have been removed completely because they were worthless (like the pizza incident). It just felt very forced the entire time. And the random acts of violence (even attacking a kid and taking his stuff) wasn't that funny for some reason. I could almost accept the eccentricities of Average Joe Gym goers, but a lot of the jokes were just really... random in a worthless sentiment. The ending, though rather smart, was out of character and there was nothing to indicate that it could actually happen. Some of the cameos were fun - I liked Jason Bateman (had to look that one up), probably especially because of Arrested Development and his convincing portrayal of a ... well, a dude who points out the obvious.

Today I saw "The Terminal" with Dennis. It was longer than I thought it was going to be (silly me didn't do research), but it was pretty satisfying. The only thing that kinda bothered me was that even if you are in a new place and unfamiliar with the language... does it mean you have to stumble randomly when you walk? All the time? Oh well, I like Tom Hanks.

So yeah, total movie mania. I still haven't watched my Conan tape from last Friday of the Thursday show.

And my first oil painting class is tomorrow!
Comments pending.

Dante's Peak

There's one moment in the film, where, in an earthquake, a guy yells, "This is not good!"

I grew up watching disaster films when I was a kid. Independence Day was my favorite film, Godzilla was a masterpiece and Volcano kicked all sorts of ass. I wasn't too fond with Dante's Peak, but I also watched it lots of times, always fast forwarding through all the "talking" parts and getting straight to the cool disaster parts. But all the films I mentioned had at least some form of mindless entertainment that I still enjoy up to this day (well, except for Volcano). Dante's Peak, however, is just bland. Uninteresting, boring and annoying.

The film lacks logic. I know that saying this sentence about a disaster film is a crime, and not to be considered as a flaw, but dammit it's very lazy, and some scenes are just too silly to keep logic inside a dark closet while watching the film. For one thing, I refuse to believe that a Volcanologist would even consider going through a pool of lava while inside a car, manage to rescue the lost dog, get out of the trouble, and get BACK to Dante's Peak with the vehicle completely unharmed. That an annoying 10 year-old can manage to drive a vehicle through a road filled with ashes and rolling boulders with ease. And that 007 could get inside a car getting squished by huge rocks with a bone sticking out of his arm and survive.

It's just like every other disaster flick, filled with the usual cliches: A scientist discovers something small that could lead to a disastrous event, gets ignored by all the other 'professionals,' and then disaster strikes, as expected. He is then stuck with a small group of people trying to survive or go somewhere safe etc. And yes, there HAS to be a dog somewhere in this plotline.

The screenplay is terrible. The lovestory is completely unbelievable (as if the movie didn't have enough of that problem), and these Scientists are complete idiots. After a great sacrifice, the Grandmother dies of 3rd degree burns caused by an acid river. The writer thought that the audience would be touched, since she's old, while not developing the character AT ALL. Then there's the annoying kids that bitch and moan all throughout the film. I wanted someone to push both of them overboard while on the river.

While the film is very flawed, it at least has something worthwhile that makes the film somewhat effective. The shots of the destroyed town are very atmospheric, and thankfully, they hardly used any CGI in the film. But these moments are just way too short, and we are often stuck with these 1 dimensional characters. Ronaldon's direction could've been put into greater use in another script.

It's just a terribly weak and frustrating film. And on top of all that, it's fake. I could just see the guys throwing all those styrophome rocks at the cars, those rigged plastic trees that could fall over and over again, and that small bridge getting destroyed on cue. A somewhat good direction stuck in a wretched script.

Action / Nature
The plot is borrowed from "Jaws" here's how it goes one man knows the truth others refuse to listen until it's to late. then they want him to do somthing about it of course they rag on him for not doing anything earilier.