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This is one of my all time favorite movies.
This movie was on TV here tonight. So almost 24 years after its release I finally took the time to watch the marathon ..
I'm inclined to post a page long review about the movie, but those never sold it to me, so I wont bother. Those that are interested have probably seen it anyway.
In short, this movie has it all, and its good!
The 'drama' label is correct, and has been part of the reason I never really bothered with the movie, but I would not really have given it that label, to be honost.
ps: Somewhat sad to see all the last replies have been down-voted ..
A truly epic movie, kevin costner at his best. A movie that sucks you in and Heightens your senses. A pretty long movie but needs all that time to keep you enthralled. The type of movie that stays in the back of your mind when you picture good memories. 10/10
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