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Country Strong 2010

A rising country-music songwriter works with a fallen star to work their way fame, causing romantic complications along the way...

Release Date:
January 7, 2011
117 min
Shana Feste ...
Gwyneth Paltrow, Ed Bruce, Gregory Martin, Jim Taylor, Leighton Meester, Jerry L. Wallace, Erik A. Williams, Tim McGraw, Jeremy Childs, Lawrence Bull Jr., Patrick Cranford, Garrett Hedlund, Stephanie Langton, John Ferguson, Katie Groshong, Dan Beene, Jonathan Martin, Lisa Stewart, Tracy Lockridge, Lari White, Gary Douglas, Jackie Welch, Chris Clark, Katrina Smith, Gary Nicholson, Jeffrey Buckner Ford, Denise Johnson, Garth Shaw, Brett Warren, Donald Farmer, Cris Cunningham, Chris Woodson, Jim O'Rear, Megan Henderson, Tina White, John Deaderick, Kayla Perkins, Marshall Chapman, J.D. Parker, Cinda McCain, Gabe Sipos, Sandra Harris, Reegus Flenory, Terri Minton, Alana Grace, Candace Michelle Coffee, Katie Cook, Adam Skaggs, Denitia Odigie, Jeri Sager, Kirt Lehew, Ranjit Bhullar, Elle DuVal, Olivia Haley, Jim Melton, Holly Watson, Brad Schmitt, Andy Cordan, Cory Younts, Skylar Wilson, Josh Graham, Chris Scruggs, Ian Fitchuk, Bucky Baxter, John Bohlinger, Neal Casal, Jim Lauderdale, Doug Frasure, Amanda Shires, Johnny Gates, Jamie Jarbeau, Matt Scanlon, Michael Ollin Lotten, Smith Curry, Kristin Wilkinson, David Angeli, Sara Reist, James Hamlet, Steve Hinson, Fred Eltringham, Beau Stapleton, Danny Flowers, Nancy Amons, Nick Beres, Kelly Sutton, Shane Tallant, Christine Maddela, Stephanie Langston, Rodney Burlin, Chelsey Corbett, Asia Craft, Adam Drake, Brandon Garrett, Terry Gragg, Trevor Hillsbery, Loney Hutchins, Wendy Keeling, Duston McCreary, Matthew Nyenhuis, Melissa Nyenhuis, April Rodell, Marc Allen, Darrin Dickerson, Ethan Patterson, Scott Steward, Sean Symons, Leo Kling, Joshua James Johnson, Robert Lee Bell, Jill Headrick, Jeff Ailshie, Brenton Cox, Brian Gall, Marley Mathis, Erin Naifeh, Ronda Smalling, Steven J. Wilson, Rebecca Silver, Myron Todd, Harry P. Castros, Steven Daniel Neely, Scott V. Palmer, Woody Woodruff, Danica Wozniak, Roger D. Eldridge, Denise Johnson, Gary Douglas, Travis Nicholson, Terrence Lening, Sarah Beth Hayter, Robin Smotherman, Cory Givens-Eades, Lisa Stewart, Stephanie Attanasio, John Ferguson, Brett Warren, Tina White, Matt Bolton, Jim Taylor, Keitrick Clark ...
Drama, Music ...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 6.3


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My Father and I watched this when he was a healthy 81 years young, and its one of his favorites! Trust me he's a mans man!
Still going like the ever ready bunny. I loved the movie for the music, the good looking cast didn't hurt, great acting, and the Brilliant story-line. 9.7/10 A must see for everyone! Cheers...
Really really good movie. Garrett Hedlund who plays the character Beau is really hot! Its at least a 8/10. SPOILER ALERT!! Dont read user LinaCruz comment below, it'll ruin the movie for you! I agree with GeorgiaGrimes26, I don't think this is considered a chick flick either. :)

the story was wonderful. the characters played in to perfection, the music was awesome. altogether great story line. 9/10

predictable story but an enjoyable movie....

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