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Definitely one of my favorite movies....
i have always liked this movie but i will watch anything with Keanu Reeves on it
yea for sure one of my favorites . gotta love a cryptic keanu reeves lol
this is probably my all time favorite show... it's so unique in what it is. and was such a surprise when it arrived I just can't let it go.
This movie is very unique. Entertaining too
love this movie it is one of my favorites
There was some surprising humor with this film. Good cast, story and dialog. Yes, I would watch a second movie of this - as long as the same director, writer and cast was used, to keep the integrity of the film.
I would love to see a second movie with this theme or even a continuation or as Hollywood is now, a prequel.
This is a great film and very much deserves a second or even a Saga. It's worth a re-watch.

Amazingly, what I feared the most, Constantine smartly avoids by never becoming an overblown special effects extravaganza, even in its not particularly low-key, but preferably plot-oriented climax. The film creates an epic world based in a Heaven/Hell concept that I found very fun and even thought-provoking. The film incorporates the idea of eternity in Hell into the story almost as a plot device, but more so as the film's stand-out special effect, leading to a successful increase in pure storytelling drama. Constantine's depiction of Hell as a windy, fiercely red, destroyed landscape is a little traditional, but still effective.

Unfortunately, although much of the foundation is very sturdy, the plot itself just barely gets liftoff. Before the characters' lives intertwine, there's an odd displacement effect that only strengthens when the story really gets going. The plot is vague, mostly because the story is too back-loaded. Characters often say dumb things that based on what we know they know, just come off as irrational. Also, thankfully, the little love connection between Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz is not taken to sickeningly sweet heights, but when forced like this, it, of course, should not have been included at all.

Reeves is his usual okay-to-terrible self (I was only reminded of The Matrix once) and Weisz's performance is ultimately a non-issue, as it gets the job done, but is not noteworthy. There were a few surprises (for me, anyway) in terms of the cast as I watched; Tilda Swinton, Peter Stormare, Shia LaBeouf, and Djimon Hounson were all welcome additions to the movie. Additionally, there's Gavin Rossdale (!) as Balthazar, odd casting, but it's a small enough role that it's not too distracting.

Constantine makes strong statements and happily takes positions on God and the Devil's rationale for Heaven, Hell, angels, and demons, presenting the world as we know it as merely a game. It's the latter conceit that makes the grand scheme (which I will not reveal) of our main baddie, in the context of the movie, almost seem like a good idea. The value of life seems to be exceptionally low here and works against the importance of what our characters are trying to do. It's unexpected lapses in logic like this, which if improved upon, could have turned Constantine into something truly divine.

Note: For those of you who like to see a movie in its entirety, there is a one-minute scene after the end credits.
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