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Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 2009

Teenager, Darren Shan, meets a mysterious man at a freak show who turns out to be a Vampire. After a series of events Darren must leave his normal life and go on the road with the Cirque Du Freak and become a Vampire...

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loved every cirque-du-freak book and i HIGHLY recommend them. i enjoyed the movie, it wasn't as good as the books, but im sure that has something to with the books being written for "young adults". either way a fun watch.
movie = 6.5/10
books = 9/10
i really hope they make the 2nd and 3rd movie. i enjoyed it but its just the beginning.

During the Movshare(dot)net link, while I was watching the movie, about 1/3 of the way though, the site sent me a pop up that was identical to my AVG virus protection program; however, when clicked on, became a different program. This infected my computer with a virus that ultimately, (two days later) would have been quicker had I not been a bot of a computer geek, but it ultimately crashed my computer completely to where it would not turn on, and I had to have it completely wiped clean and reinstalled the operating system and everything...
Don't watch that link!!!

alot better than it looks

Not a bad movie a little slow though. Wish it did better so they would make the part two
Today I saw a vampire movie aimed at the tween market. No, not the vampire movie you're thinking of. It was Cirque Du Freak. I was pretty much disappointed by this flick - it was a little bit boring and lousy in terms of acting, but that didn't mean I hated it; for it was quite creative, it was quite funny, and IT WASN'T FRIGGIN' TWILIGHT!
What a fun and refreshing film! Campy and light hearted for sure, a refreshing break from the constant vampire romance type story that is very common these days. Really great cast choices, dark set but not spooky - maintains a more campy gothic feel.
john c riley is funny, but his supporting cast are just boring. the kid in the lead role is such a pansy. the movie has only hit or miss jokes that are either too mature for kids to get, or too immature for adults to consistently laugh at. the ending leads to a sure sequel, but the movie is neither strong enough or has yet to achieve a fan base enough to make it happen.
When I first saw the previews for this movie coming out I was really excited, but then when I actually looked at the previews I became highly disappointed. There were only a few minor things I saw in the previews that actually related to the book. I watched the movie today and became highly aggravated and upset. The person who redirected this movie away from the book should be fired. They made the author look like a dumbass. If people would have read the books before watching the movie they would actually known that the author knows how to write a suspense and how good the movie could have been. I will become famous and redirect this movie the way it should be and it will make people want to watch the movie. Already, I can see that they are going to make a sequel... JUST STOP AND DONT! You have already ruined this delightful series enough. I am so pissed it is unreal! There are so many things in this movie that is nothing like the book. If the movie would have stayed just like the book it would be an awesome f'n movie!!! I hate what these people have done!
It's hard to believe this movie is based on 3 books worth of material. Nothing really seems to happen in the course of the film. Darren & Steve go to freakshow, it's super weird, main attraction has spider, Darren is some sort of arachnophiliac, nicks it, it bites Steve, Darren makes deal to save Steve, becomes vampire & so on & so on.
There's a whole thing about Steve being the chosen one of the evil Vampires (or vampinese). The fact that Steve is going to turn bad at some point is pretty obvious after about a minute. Having an prophesised anointed one named "Steve" is bad enough. The portrayal by Josh Hutcherson is very villainous-in-a-cackling-clich
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