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Chicago 2002

Murderesses Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago...

Release Date:
January 24, 2003
113 min
Rob Marshall ...
Mya, Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Melanie A. Gage, Lucy Liu, Sean McCann, Robbie Rox, Tara Nicole Hughes, Bill Corsair, John C. Reilly, Jayne Eastwood, Brendan Wall, Joey Pizzi, Rhonda Roberts, Sheri Godfrey, Faye Rauw, Ted Banfalvi, Shaun Amyot, Colm Feore, Scott Fowler, Richard Gere, Jeff Pustil, Renée Zellweger, Sara Ramirez, Eve Crawford, Dominic West, Bruce Beaton, Paul Becker, Roman Podhora, Karen Holness, Curtis King, Sebastian La Cause, Mary Ann Lamb, Susan Misner, Jonathan Whittaker, Michelle Johnston, Marty Moreau, Vicky Lambert, Taye Diggs, Natalie Willes, Troy P. Liddell, Conrad Dunn, Jeff Clarke, Monique Ganderton, Darren Lee, Deidre Goodwin, Denise Faye, Cliff Saunders, Karine Plantadit-Bageot, Christine Baranski, Steve Behal, Laura Dean, Rod Campbell, Desmond Richardson, Martin Samuel, Robert Smith, Brittany Gray, Jocelyn Dowling, Joseph Scoren, Jodi McFadden, Lisa Ferguson, Sean Wayne Doyle, Chita Rivera, Ekaterina Chtchelkanova, Scott Wise, Ken Ard, Marc Calamia, Niki Wray, Gregory Mitchell, Cleve Asbury, Rick Negron, Bill Britt, Gerry Fiorini, Elizabeth Law, April Morgan, Brett Caruso, Patrick Salvagna, Kathryn Zenna, Roxane Barlow, Charley King, Cynthia Onrubia, Jennifer Savelli, Karen Andrew, Kelsey Chace, Catherine Chiarelli, Theresa Coombe, Melissa Flerangile, Michelle Galati, Amber-Kelly Mackereth, Leigh Torlage, Robyn Wong, Harrison Beal, Jean-Luc Côté, Edgar Godineaux, Bill Hartung, Blake McGrath, Robert Montano, Sean Palmer, Jason Sermonia, Jeff Siebert, Sergio Trujillo, Stacy Clark Baisley, Megan Fehlberg, Rachel Jacobs, Rebecca Leonard, Erin Michie, Danielle Rueda-Watts, Dana Calitri, Kate Coffman-Lloyd, Margaret Dorn, Capathia Jenkins, Audrey Martells, Nicki Richards, Dennis Collins, Darius de Haas, Willie Falk, Timothy Shew, Fronzi Thornton, Eric Troyer, Curtis King Jr., Earl Barnsley, Robert Smith ...
Drama, Comedy, Crime, Musical ...
USA, Canada, Germany

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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Chicago is one on the best musicals I've seen in a long time!
A story about about a woman who wanted to become a famous singer/dancer. She is arrested for murduring her lover, then sent to jail where she meets a former singer/dancer. She hires the best lawyer in Chicago to free her.
There is a lot of clever and most amazing songs that are of the best songs in history.

I like this musical a lot more than I thought I would. The world has been due for some updated ones.

I was surprised to see how well Rene Zellweger could sing. Also even more surprised that Richard Gere could sing even at all. Loved his tap dancing court scene.

The cast was just about perfect for the movie and all the songs I'd love to own for my music library. Reminds me a bit of Madonna in Dick Tracy.

I was also impressed at not only the choreography but also the lighting. *WARNING SPOILER* The Jones and Zellweger duo in the end with great with the tommy guns and popping lights. It was all so flashy with piazza.

Chicago comes highly recommended in my book. It's one of these movies you can see ever so often and still be entertained.
Impactante espect
Very, very pretty.
This movie is simply amazing.
Chicago is one of the best examples of how a great musical can be transferred from the stage to the screen, and be made into an even better musical. It actually has a reason for the singing and dancing... a truely great adaption. A personal favorite of mine.
Rob Marshall directs. This is his first musical. Not a really great musical but very good I enjoyed it a lot. Richard Gere is better than I expected in his role. The plot is pretty dumb -but the plot of most musicals are!! (at least to me) There are some great song and dance numbers in this one. This won Oscar Best Picture 2002. Great Movie I recommend this if you like musicals. four stars 07/01/09
An exceptionally entertaining film responsible for helping to revive the musical. Nothing special about the storyline, but its the upbeat, flashy feel of the film that helps make it what it is. Solid performances by all, even from Richard Gere. Just ... (read more) An exceptionally entertaining film responsible for helping to revive the musical. Nothing special about the storyline, but its the upbeat, flashy feel of the film that helps make it what it is. Solid performances by all, even from Richard Gere. Just fun in general.
The music made it fun. The plot was a little here and there, but overall a good movie to watch.
Chicago is a satire; in other words, a dark comedy. The whole point was that, most of the time, the innocent ones are considered guilty, without being able to give their story (hence, the different language; no one understood, or ever tried to understand) and the guilty ones get all the attention, and are usually set free. I found this movie absolutely wonderful and beautifully done, with an abundance of entertainment.
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