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They didn't destroy it as much as I thought they would with this remake. It got a little weird at times but it's never going to outdo the original.
@Pls Thanks, Dad. I'm glad that you don't confuse ridiculous humor with personal attacks. You have just enough imagination, don't you dare take any more.
@AddLightness You're Really Stupid.
Think before posting a comment next time.
@Pls Ha, nine years is old? Don't tell us your age or anything there.
Old Movie But still Good.
I loved it,I thought Johnny was just a lonely,immature shut-in,not creepy.


I think that this movie might be very good I know because I read part of the script when auditioning for the part of Mike Teevees role in this movie of course I didnt get the part:( but then again Id rather crush peoples dreams rather then be part of them but anyway from what I know its a slight remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory and seeing as it will have Johnny Depp in it I can only hope it will be as good as I read and I can also only hope that they didnt pick some fat kid with no acting talent over me
Could you get anything more stupid? This movie takes away what the original movie did. The original movie was a story about a poor boy and his family and how they get a miricale by getting the factory. This is a ridiculous movie about NOTHING!
The creators of this movie seem willing to tell the public just about anything in order to make CATCF appeal to the largest audience. They KNEW that remaking the classic would leave a bad taste in quite a lot of people's mouths so they suggest to the public its not a remake and even further some have suggested that they never even liked the original story to begin with. WOW! What better credit for a director to have to do a movie then absolutely hating the original story... Ironic when his new "ORIGINAL" creation looks so much like the 1971 version. Some of the scenes look almost shot for shot. Coincidence... I think not. Believe what you want, but the creators of this film knew the original film very well and they simply downplay the 1971 film in order to draw more attention to this new "synthetic" remake. For that fact alone, they dont deserve even one dollar for their efforts.

As far as this movie being closer to the book, I dont think so. Yet again, another marketing ploy to sell tickets. When comparing the two, Burton has taken quite a few liberties as well, and actually quite a few more then the 1971 version. Its fantasic that the creators of this REMAKE feel the need to besmudge the original so horribly just to make theirs seem so much better. Well, if the movie really was better, it would stand on its own merit. No one would need to criticize the original.

Depp as Wonka is all wrong and as far as people criticizing the comparisons of Depp's Wonka to Michael Jackson... they just need to just get over it. Depp looks like Jackson at his worst, and its actually extremely distracting in the movie itself. Depp is just not convincing in the character of Willy Wonka and his little one liners really dont work very well. Depp was simply the wrong choice for the part. Period. Depp is too young and feminine looking in the role. Depp flushes the role of Willy Wonka right down the toilet and he never seems to be able to invoke any of the charm that made Wilder's Wonka so natural and beloved.

The making of this movie quite angers me because not only was it unnecessary, but the people making it have no idea what made the original so charming. They took the original idea, stripped it of all the childlike wonder and heart, and in its place they created a very plastic and synthetic copy.

Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the equivalent of tasteless, reheated leftovers, where the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory never seems to go stale.
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