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again another childhood classic, just like matilda, andre, ect
Decent enough.
Great Kids Movie. An excellent Halloween Movie to get you in the mood for the season! Really good for someone Jeremy's age. Bill Pullman is so adorable. He can play the same dopey character every time and I still love him. Only because he's so cute!!! Animation in this movie was really a step forward for animation!
Comments pending.
My God, that was bad. I had seen 'Casper' as a little kid and I always thought of it as an entertaining, slightly dorky movie. That was when I was 3. I hadn't seen it since then, and if I hadn't had a little reunion the day before Holloween this review would've been more positive(I would've given it a 6)than this one. All of the negetive reviews it got made me want to see for myself. I realize now how rotten this movie really is. Abdominal diolauage, terrible acting, and a story that has fewer brains than George W. Bush make this mess. Lines like,"Who ya gonna call, someone else"(that was supposed to be funny)and my all-time favorite description of what dying is like from a ghost,"dying is like being born, but backwards".BOMB.
Casper: 5/10

Christina Ricci.
A sweet kids movie that doesn't overdo the kiddy parts or the crazy villain. Everything works well enough to make it enjoyable enough that I have no problems watching it once a year or so.
'Casper' is a story about a friendly ghost who meets and befriends a living young girl. This film does not strive to be a particular good film, but it is enjoyable all the same. I watched it as a young adult, and the film was enjoyable and innocent. It's not a frightening film, but it's a film about friendship and understanding. It also had the humor element common in films for young adults. The other ghost characters provide this humor.

This film is done well, and it is packed with action but also leaves room for the morales and patience in making friendships and learning how to understand different people or points of view.

Young adults (aged 8-15) would probably enjoy this film more than any other audience.
Staring Bill Pullman, or Bill Paxton, or Bill Cosby, Billy Nighy or Bill & Ted, Billy Baldwin, or Bill Gates, or Bill Bellichek, or Garret Hudland who played Billingsly in Friday Night Lights.