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Burlesque 2010

A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer...

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Lets see.. I kind of had an idea that I was going to like this movie because I enjoy singing, music, dancing... (in this case watching it)... but I actually more than liked this movie! I was surprised at how incredibly talented Christina Aguilera was, I mean I know she is a great vocalist but I must have forgotten because she blew me away.and I totally bought Christina as a sweet hometown girl wanting to make it. The visuals of the movie, the costumes, the ambiance were also very enthralling.. The story is very simple but it just worked for me. I bought the whole thing. The love story was sweet and sexy and tender.
A good watch in my opinion ;)
The opening song by Christina Aquilera is perhaps the best opening number ever.
in a good or bad way@Spraggle
Every time I hear this woman sing...I get the chills...

love this movie! Cher is awesome as always, and Christina Aguilera voice is amazing!

fun movie... Cher and Christina smokin hot as always