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Bruce Almighty 2003

A guy who complains about God too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it is to run the world...

Release Date:
May 23, 2003
101 min
Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell, Mary Pat Gleason, Maria Quiban, Noel Gugliemi, Dan Desmond, Michael Villani, Nora Dunn, Darcy Fowers, Robert Curtis Brown, Sally Kirkland, Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey, Mandana Rothschild, Emilio Rivera, Rolando Molina, Mark Adair-Rios, Mark Kiely, Colby French, Darius Rose, Jack Jozefson, Lillian Adams, Curt Clendenin, Christopher Darga, Gina St. John, Saida Pagan, Max Grodénchik, Ara Celi, Rico Simonini, Philip Baker Hall, David Carrera, Greg Collins, Eddie Jemison, Manny Suárez, Nelson Mashita, Tony Bennett, Enrique Almeida, Brian Tahash, Micah Williams, Jamison Yang, Shaun Robinson, Ben Livingston, P.J. Byrne, Brian La Rosa, Albert P. Santos, Ken Rudulph, Shashawnee Hall, Jennie Baek, Madeline Lovejoy, Selma Stern, Ashley Yegan, Lisa Cangelosi, Michael Guarnera, Paul Satterfield, Adrian Neil, Don Dowe, Tom Beyer, Catherine Bell, Lou Felder, Rando Thomas, Alfred Dennis, Timothy Di Pri, Howard S. Lefstein, Lisa Ann Walter, Jovan Allie, Koby Allie, Rina Fernandez, Michael Brownlee, Ted Garcia, Christina Grandy, Bette Rae, Andrew Romero Hateley, Nick Huff, Dougald Park, Susan Ware, John Rosenfeld, Carey Scott, David A. Clemons, Bradley Stryker, Laura Carson, Zachary Aaron Krebs, Glen Yrigoyen, Dohn Norwood, Michael Olifiers, Miah Won, Laura-Shay Griffin, Micayla Bowden, Sammy Boyarsky, Dylan Ferguson, Cubbie Kile, Emily Needham, Alex Villiers, Monique Daniels, Jessica Leigh Mattson, Allison McCurdy, Patti O'Donnell, Janelle Pierzina, Annie Wersching, William Thomas Jr., Michael Bofshever, Vanna Salviati, Carrie Quinn Dolin, Scott DeFoe, Allen Lulu, Dimas Diaz, Gino Montesinos, Catherine Petra Villalobos, Gary Rodriguez ...
Drama, Comedy, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8.8


Imdb rating: 6.7

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comments from over 10 year ago WOW and I thought I was old in this site ^_^ Wonderful movie though loved it so much, I was looking for a good laugh since so long and finally had it with this one

Jim Carrey is offered the chance to be God for a while.

We watched this at the beer theater. It was amusing, but not as funny as Ace Ventura or Liar, Liar in terms of Jim Carrey movies. The entire sappy ending was dumb.

The reporter guy was hilarious. I loved the outtakes during the credits where everyone around him was laughing and he didn't crack a smile. He just kept going. Even Jim Carrey would crack himself up. The reporter guy never got out of character. He's awesome. He used to be on The Daily Show. He needs to go back or something because I never see him anymore but he's supa funny.
I liked this movie alot! The humor was really funny yes it had some bad humor to but it kept me laughing.
We rented Bruce Almighty last night. I really thought the dog was cute! Does anyone know what kind of dog that was? It had it's moments, where we laughed. But I've seen funnier Jim Carey movies.
Jim Carrey is just flat out annoying, and this never works from the beginning. I blame it mostly on bad writing; the premise is executed about as poorly as is possible. Everything that could have been funny was used in the trailers. And, the rest of it is a gigantic mess.
Had Jennifer Aniston and/or Catherine Bell appeared naked, or at least been scantily clothed throughout the entirety, my rating would have drastically increased. Otherwise, Bruce Almighty needs, in no particular order:

I have seen alot of bashing by critics for this movie and it's completely uncalled for,i found this movie hilarious! First it's a trademark jim carrey vechicle and how can anyone find his goofiness unfunny? the guy is genius! Bruce almighty is all about a man called bruce who feels god is picking on him and that god should give him a break. So upon meeting god (morgan freeman) bruce is given all his powers to see if he can do a better job. Though i highly recommend this movie highly i do feel that without jim carrey this movie may have bombed at the box office. There are a few classic scenes in this movie including the news report muck up and orgasm scenes and the supporting actors are all great especially jennifer aniston as bruce's girlfriend though she is underused in the movie. Extras for the region 2 dvd are sparse compared to other dvd's these days but what there is very good, there is 30 mins of fairly funny deleted scenes and some outtakes that i can safely say are the funniest ive ever seen. There is also a director's commentry by tom shadyac (liar liar) and a very short featurette about jim carrey's improvising. Overall a superb movie with average dvd extras.
So, here I sit at my desk with polystyrene all around me, for some un known reason. There was some bubble wrap too, but I popped all of that :(

I've finished my dreaded french project...


That just reminded me, I have science homework too. I guess that can wait...'till five minutes before the lesson starts :D

Saw Bruce almighty yesterday. Very funny with good performances from Jim Carey and Jenifer Aniston. Jenifer's was particulary good as she made me forget for a while that she played Rachel in 'Friends'.

I like making Random words red. I also like giving Random words capital letters, like Random for example.


I did nothing. I watched Ghost in the Shell this morning, which had some interesting ideas and nice animation, but ultimately left me rather indifferent. **/****. Then I went to bed and had a weird dream about flooding. The lake, or whatever it is behind my house (it's man made and connects to the Tchefuncte River, a smal tributary of the mighty Mississippi), was rising into the yard behind my house. Boats were sinking, and for some strange reason, there were cars parked back there, and the were going under as well. The neighbor's truck (which is an non-existant truck, made up solely in my dream) was barely staying afloat, so I poured a pitcher of water over it, and did it in. How that pitcher of water finally sank the truck is something explained only by dream logic. I managed to get some of the boats to float again, but as I started to see what I could do to rescue some of the cars, I awoke. Ate some dinner and watched Bruce Almighty. Some pretty funny scenes in it, but the ending felt a little protracted. You know that Bruce and Grace are going to get back together, and that Bruce will learn an important lesson, but the laughs sort of stop at this point, and the movie almost falls apart under the seriousness of the final act, and the maudlin sentimentality. Though, with that said, it's not a bad rental, and the scene with Steve Carell is uproarious.**1/2/****

Have to take some rentals back to Blockbuster tomorrow, and I may pick up some more Brian De Palma movies. I've been on a De Palma kick here lately, especially after I saw Femme Fatale. It reminded me of what a genius craftsmen he is. There are few sequences better in all of cinema than that diamond heist that opens the movie. It runs probably close to half an hour, and it is all told through the camera, with little dialogue. And it is a beauty to watch. Since I saw Femme Fatale, I rented Blow Out, and Carrie. I may go and rent some of his others that I haven't seen, or some I haven't seen in a while. Here's how I rate the films of his that I've seen:

Femme Fatale - ***1/2/**** - Not sure if I like the twist, even though De Palma drops some wonderfully stylish clues. Sexy as hell.
Mission to Mars - **/**** - Interesting concept. Execution is... zzzzzzzz.
Mission: Impossible - ***/**** - Far better than John Woo's sequel. Slick, with an infamously convoluted plot (that I always managed to follow). Great popcorn flick.
Scarface - **1/2/**** - probably in the minority here, and I've been thinking of revisiting it here lately, but I find Pacino's performance annoying, along with the score. Stylish to be sure.
Blow Out - ***1/2/**** - Haven't seen Blow Up, but this was a damn good thriller, with a good ending. Sags in some parts, but repeated viewing may up my rating.
Carrie - ***1/2/**** - an unnecessary coda hurts an otherwise perfect gothic horror/suspense movie. The slow mo opening credit sequence in the girls' locker room is all at once erotic, beautiful, innocent, and voyeuristic. The score by Pino Donaggio is amazing, and would have made Bernard Herrmann proud. Sissy Spacek is amazing as the title character, and Piper Laurie is one crazed bitch of a mother. Repeat viewings may change my opinion on the final shots of the film, but I think I'd still prefer just seeing the house burn to the ground. An interesting side note, that has probably been made before, and if it has, I apologize: This is a film about the awkward transformation of a girl into a woman, and yet all the principals behind the camera were men (De Palma directing Leonard Cohen's screenplay from a novel by Stephen King). Make of that what you will.

I've seen Snake Eyes, but it's been years since, so I can't honestly remember how I feel. I'm thinking of renting that, as well as Obsession, Dressed to Kill, oh and The Untouchables (duh, seen it, but been waaaaaay too long), and maybe Casualties of War and Carlito's Way (Another I've seen, but only once, and it was back when it first came out on video, so it's probably been ten+ years).

Anyway... work tomorrow. Gonna suck probably. Wonder what Sean got me. Probably a bullet with my name on it. Freak.