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Awesome movie. Good performances and good time.
Saw in theater and it is a good movie, I like a little more death and violence but I give this a solid deadface 8/10

an overall ok movie, with a incredible acting performance by toby macquire he shows so much emotions with just his eyes if you want to see a true blue acting check out this flick maguire is the movie i recommend it

excelent movie, actors, music, best every thing. There was a long time since I saw a movie so well achieved!

This is a total copy of a Danish film which was very good, but Americans ********** many foreign films so they wont know the difference, a weak copy
This movie is great! The actors were awesome and very believable. I can totally see Tobey Maguire winning an Oscar. This movie is a real tear jerker though, I cried throughout the movie.
This movie dragged. Tobey McGuire was excellent but the film was not well done.
Such an intense story. Incredible acting by all, especially with young child actor, playing Isabell. Not a dry eye in the house with this story. Oscar worthy performance by Toby Maguire.
awesome cast. intense feelings that are human and close to reality. overall awesome movie.
The acting was great, did not like the story, it was hard to believe, but then I could be very unprepared to accept this story line
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