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Bronson 2008

A young man who was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a post office ends up spending three decades in solitary confinement. During this time, his own personality is supplanted by his alter-ego, Charles Bronson...

Release Date:
March 13, 2009
92 min
Nicolas Winding Refn ...
Mark Devenport, Richard Jones, Michael Gregory, Joe Tucker, Jon House, James Lance, Tom Hardy, Matt King, Jonny Phillips, Steven Smith, Chris Thompson, Jason Chambers, David Whiteley, Hugh Ross, Matthew Bennett, Brendan McCoy, Bob Gale, Peter Barry, Kelly Adams, Yvonne Varnier, Darryl Spencer, Nick Spencer, Daniel Wilson, Luing Andrews, Edward Bennett-Coles, Portia, Christopher Smith, David Jackson, Katy Barker, June Bladon, Amanda Burton, William Darke, Andrew Forbes, Helen Grayson, Anna Griffin, Kate Hesketh, Leah Hinton-Fishlock, Mandy Kay, Matt Legg, Jane McLennan, Juliet Oldfield, Dean Spicksley, Mark Stocks, Sam Cullingworth, Mark Powley, Allan Price, Michael Nurse, David Orange, Gordon Brown, Andrew St. John, Tony Nixon, Victoria Barker, Raphael, Holly Lucas, Tracy Wiles, Simon Broadhurst, David Clayton, Neil Broome, Paul Donnelly, Mark Fish, Kalron Scott Busuttil, Raphael Cilla, Adryan Puicella, D. Keye, Peter D. Brammer, Lee Alvey, James McIntyne, Sebastian Rodgers, Rob Frost, Wez Smith, J.H. Bond, Simon Field, Alexander Jablonskas, Roger Camden, Jason Whiteby, Bob Brookes, Anthony Oddy, J. Keye, Nick Stock, Alan Hefferon, Ian Kitch, David Nixon, Matthew Meakin, Dean Daly, Alain Greaves, M. Shirra, Lee Birkett, Les Fitzakly, Matt Mathew, Malcolm Scotten, Phillip Sharpe, R. Hools, Rick Wake, Martin Kay, Adam Bacon, Mark Shiran, Ian Kitchenham, Gary White, Jimmy Ball, Barry Lee, Kevin Rutter, G.R.L. Horobin, E.T. Harry, Lee Jables, Shane Barker, Zah Siddall, John Jennick, Tonylee Brown, Andy Moffatt, Iain Hines, Adam Karimjee, Davey Smith, Darren Pegg, Philip Catham, A. Hendons, J. Gains, Joe Corr, Paul Baguley, M. Connolly, Graham Bishop, R.F. Florence, Lindsay Frayne, Leighton Frayne, Kas Syed, Jonathan Morrish, Wayne Robinson, Matthew Whitaker, Garry Green, Mick Coult, Jeff Scott Smith, Darren Edge, David Pleasance, Saz Lelah, A. Gough-Martin, Michael Whitehead, Paul Carty, Chris Hill, Ben Dean, Gerry Brown, Paul Igoe, Ian Pickering, David Benton, Frank Campbell, Jack Gavin, Martin Ramsay, Terry Fielder, Dan Knower, M. Risdon, Darren Turner, Simon Ray, Amy Fisher, Zoey Sheppard, Laura Cucu, Philip Mackley, Martin Berry, Carol Cummings, Denise Felt, Kimi Gill, J. Blake, Angela Allen, Cath Bedson, Jill Bowring, Robin Drake, Mark Bower, R.E. Leonard, Shaun Darker, Nick Baglaly, Colin Thompson, Danny Hansford, Colin Shakh, Chris Ainsworth, Julian Plumb, Duncan Barber, Tim Ewin, Alex Beumer, David Steggles, D.L. Hartill, Shelia Scott-Smith, Jan Deebawk, Sofia Smith, Mohammed Iftkhar, Terry Silk, Richard Hilton, Shane Cooke, Gail Cooke, Lee Griffiths, Paul Corbitt, Spencer Lammy, Nick Golden, Neil Gregory, Esther Jeanes, Abigail Webster, Loraine Salvage, Ifty, Andy Loot, Darren Godfrey, Andrew Mowbray, Eoin Mount, Peter Edwards, Brender Jackson, Ade Andrew, Sonnia Wheatley, Phillip Powel, Andy Walton, Scott Clarke, Gwyn Jones, P. Lee, Dan Leigh, Tony Gough-Martin, Stuart J. Dall, P. Nurke, Charlie Whyman, G. Rooke, Emma Camm, Lucy Ball, Denise Davenport, Emma Streeter, Rachel Starer, Diane Powell, Dave Clipston, Simon Stook, Tristan Barudon, Zens Zinnemann, Daz Lelah, June Bredon, Philip Hackley, Daniel Knowles, P. Burke, Steven Spence, Kelly Adams, Andrew St. John, David Clayton, David Jackson, Michael Gregory, Matthew Bennett, Steven Smith, Christopher Smith, Michael Nurse, Chris Thompson, Tony Nixon, Richard Jones, Portia, Daniel Wilson, Raphael, Danny Hansford, Jason Chambers, Gordon Smith, Allan Price, David Whiteley, Nik Spencer, Scott Clarke ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action, Biography ...

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Imdb rating: 7.1

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Boring interpretation of a real life character. ( wiki: Charles Salvador) Still worth a watch! Just should have used a diferent style than Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"
I hate this movie
didn´t cared for this movie, forced acting, pointless story with no begining end or midle 4/10
Great movie! added to my favourites :) but still think they could have made it better if they had been able to cooperate with bronson. beacause his true life events on wiki are even more impressive then the movie. so they had been allowed to speak with him, then they would have been able to even better karakterise him for who he truly is. This he also said himself when he was allowed by the prison watch to watch the movie in 2011
An Exceptional Film !!!!!!!!!
Bronson is what it is because of Tom Hardy's performance. He's guiding you through his life, his dreams, and his goals while you're with him the duration of the film, so it's only logical that he steals the show since he gets the most screen time. The fact that he doesn't waste any of it is something to be proud of though. He makes what would be a rather dismal story entertaining, exciting, and worth sitting through. Hardy's performance is the highlight of the film. There's really no questioning that.
Bronson was really a sleeper hit since its premise didn't interest me at all, but it wound up luring me in with its trailer. It's a very unorthodox type of film that isn't like many other films out there. Films like Bronson think outside the box of normal cinema and is the type of gem you'd hope to find whenever you journey out to your favorite theater. If you're looking for a film that is a knock-down-drag-out, eccentric, thrill-ride with a strong lead actor performance, then look no further. Bronson is exactly what you're looking for
Probably the greatest performance by an actor in a movie ever.
A Brilliant Movie. Tom Hardy is an excellent actor, A+
This is one of my favorite movie/biography great sound track great acting incredible story Tom Hardy did a great job as the main character I give this movie a 10/10 well worth the watch.
Charlie is a legend, Hardy is brilliant, done so well, there were often moments where I totally saw Hardy as Charlie. Brilliant. 10/10
This is a must see movie....but gosh is this me, or did I feel .." One flew over cuckoo nest"
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