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Bring It On: In It to Win It 2007

Southern California high school senior Carson arrives at the all-important "Cheer Camp Nationals" determined to lead her squad, the West High Sharks, to victory. But chic New Yorker Brooke...

Release Date:
December 18, 2007
90 min
Steve Rash ...
Jennifer Tisdale, Ashley Tisdale, Jeremy Palko, Marc Carasello, Tom Myers, David W. Scott, Robie Alan, Chris Cavallaro, David How, Bjorn Jiskoot Jr., Nathena Lewis, Jennifer Paige Moralez, Craig Myers, AJ Semiday, Aries Marvin Uzzle, Tim Rerucha, R.J. Stallman, Chris Moss, Carlos Diaz, Adam Vernier, Scott duPont, Tiffany Marshall, Ashley Barker, Joe Jackson, David Bermejo, Michael Thomas Dunn, Ashley Benson, Brian A. White, Lola Sanchez, Monica Soto, Rebekah Giles, Katrina Norman, Jenny Robinson, Angela Lee, Jacinto Rodriguez, Kaily Alissano, Christian Andreas, Justin Brown, Whitney Costner, Omar Elkalyoubie, Lisa Glaze, Amari Marshall, Melody Mccraney, Nelitza Vallellanes, Katarina Noel, Jane Park Smith, Scott Rosen, Elle Fitzapak, Mitchell Maggin, Wesley Tsukazan, Cassie Scerbo, Noel Areizaga, Kierstin Koppel, Anniese Taylor Dendy, Michael Copon, Tanisha Harris, Dinah Schierer, Jo Beth Locklear, Jamaar Berrien, Kasie Kaelin, Nicole Niestemski, Michael Venditto, Sasha Brens, Mandi Tincher-Reger, Billy Caldwell, Bettis Richardson, Lauren Curtis, Logan Sherrill, Robert Divincenzo, Jake Waldrup, Mauren Gremse, Brian A. White, Trey Wampler, Kimberly Newbern, Luis Banuls, Josh Seaton, Mike Burns, Jason Snyder, David Divincenzo, Javarus Warren, Lauren Whitt, Alan Linder, Richard Braitwaite, Timothy Johnson, Nicholas Auger, Mike Pucci, Jonathan Lewis, Amazona, Bryce DiCristofalo, Matt Doolittle, Richard Andrew Evans, Luther 'Rich' Freeman, Alexandria Iona, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Romi King, Andre Marshall, Erin O'Halloran, Josh Petro, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Marc Rothberg, Bruce Timmons, Chevy Lamont Cofield, Rachel Titen, Brandon Migliore, Rose Fowler, Ashley Schnacky, Elizabeth Rose Young, Ashley Barker, Angela Lee, John Baker, Carlos Diaz, Scott Rosen, Alan Maxson, Erin Unger, Angela Simmons-Morgan ...
Comedy, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 7.5


Imdb rating: 5.2



Thanks to our Editor in Chief Matt Atchity, I got my hands on an advance copy of the direct to DVD release, Bring It On: In It to Win It at our Secret Santa gift exchange last Friday.

"STOP ACTIN' LIKE A HO!" - Marques Houston

There are a lot of sexually charged jokes (very borderline), jailbait girls, and the movie is actually pretty well shot. It's bright, colorful, and they did a great job capturing the action sequences without using a ton of jump cuts that make you think "Wait a second, is anyone even dancing?" like they did in Stomp the Yard (27%), which was probably the biggest let down dance movie of all time. The highlight of this film is the dancing.

I'm not talking about the Salsa dancing between Carson and Penn, along with the other cheerleaders, that I will easily outdo this Saturday night in Hollywood (really, I wish I was joking), but the cheer competition routines are some of the most visually "wow-ing" dance sequences I've ever seen! Maybe it's the former gymnast in me (again, really, I wish I was joking), but there's something pretty incredible about seeing 20 people do back tucks at the same time or watching a group of tumblers doing Arabians all in unison. The stunts are pretty amazing and they're definitely the best of the Bring It series (especially after All or Nothing brought a whole lot of the latter and Kirsten Dunst decided to take a role without being able to dance in the original).

So what if the story was predictable? The girls are all really attractive. The simple storyline is easy to follow with a few twists and turns along the way courtesy of the DVD's very entertaining "token gay cheerleader" and the "token black girl" that make it more than watchable. The one liners are too good for me to ruin because of their complete and utter teen ridiculousness. Best of all? The dancing is hot.

And really, the movie moves quick and it made me smile. I'll be watching it again.

Another thing I really liked was that this film was about a competition, not a forbidden romance or the drama of lying to your friends. This movie was about winning a competition, which was appropriate with the subtitle of In It to Win It.

And it was much better than Bratz: The Movie. Somehow, Bratz made it to the big screen. Life isn't fair.
Disjointed, but reasonably entertaining. Neddless to say it is predictable. Lackluster cheer routines. The acting isn't very good but they try at least.
Absolutely the worst cheerleading movie ever made. Why anyone would waste their precious time watching a revolting movie with shallow character, a weak script, and bad acting is beyond me

Bring It On 4 is such a bad movie that you find yourself laughing at the scenes that are supposed to change the movie. You can predict every thing that will happen about 10 minutes into the movie and it's fun when you know you are right. It is a guilty pleasure to me and it is fun to have laying around to watch every now and again.
Worst of the series. There was no cheerleading in this movie. Nothing that that mad some of the others enjoyable. I did like the roller coasters though. ;)
So I will be reviewing not this movie but The newest addition to the Bring It On family, Fight To the Finish which just got released on DVD today Sept. 1st.
Walking into this movie I knew it is intended for girls between the ages 12-17 so my review will reflect that demographic. I found the dance sequences in this film to be very well orchestrated and the music is a huge improvement (featuring Lady Gaga, Christina Milian, The Veronicas etc...) I feel they have hit the mark with this sequel.
I love this movie. This is the perfect chick flick, for me though..... there may have been like, 3 other movies, but I love this one!! This doesn't say a lot, but hey, I'm a teenager, can you blame me for liking a movie with love, competition, HOT guys, and so on and so forth? Word to the wise....... WATCH IT.
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