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Great movie, definitely worth a watch! 10/10
Really good story, and the animation was great. It is good to see Disney come back like this. I hope they can keep it up!
A Beauty! Enjoyed it! :)
Loved it! one of the best animated movies.
great movie
A very lovely movie. Worth to watch!

Loved it!
Such a touching and funny story.
Family will love it.

Ok, so I just saw a preview of Bolt. I have to say that I was so impressed. Ever since Tarzan, there has not been a "non-Pixar" Disney movie that has been really good. With Bolt, Disney is finally back. Of course John Lasseter being one of the heads of the Disney animation studio helped. After leaving the theater I actually felt that I saw a classic Disney movie. My grade, a solid "A"
This movie was great. I highly recommend it. Great for the Whole family. I would give it a 200 if i could.
I just got back from an early screening of Disney's "Bolt" in 3D. I've had high hopes for Bolt ever since I found that John Lasseter (Pixar guru and director of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, and Cars) was now the creative overseer of not only Pixar, but Disney as well. I had been constantly hearing that he was whipping Disney back into shape and turning them into a once again successful animation studio. Ever since Disney stopped creating traditionally animated movies, they've been in a steep decline. Under Lasseter's supervision, Bolt was hopefully going to be the turning point for Disney animation.

The question is: Did it succeed?
The answer: For the most part.

Bolt succeeds on a number of levels, but it also has a few flaws that really hinder it. It's certainly not at a "Pixarian" level, but it's certainly a massive jump from "Chicken Little" and "Meet the Robinsons." It's biggest flaw is the fact that it's really just not an interesting story. But even so, Lasseter made sure that the simple, perhaps even clich
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