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Blade Runner 1982

A blade runner must pursue and try to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and have returned to Earth to find their creator...

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@RustinCohle watching the 180upload link made by 4bb4tv, that at least is the 2007 final cut version, probably all of the latest links are
"It's a shame she won't live - but then again, who does?"
@RustinCohle dont know any links yet, but the final cut have the unicorn dream which is a important part to how decker understand who he is, the 82 us version has the stupid stupid STUPID happy ending, it ruins the movie lol, also if theres narration going on, its not the final cut!
Well after looking at the wiki it would seem that all versions in HD would be the Final Cut considering it's Ridley Scott's final, definitive version of the film so I suppose there would be no reason to watch it any other way.
There's probably no way to tell which version a link is? Like with Watchmen I just got lucky and found the director's cut on one of the links, so is there anyone who has seen the movie enough and watched any of the links recently who can tell me if any of them are the 2007 version?
I think I'd always watched the director's cut version before when I was younger but I haven't seen it enough to know for sure.
@garyopenhill Didn't know, I have watched the movie at least a dozen times in different formats and never noticed any differences lol, guess now I will pay closer attention, cool to know, thank you.
actually im wrong at some details of the versions, pls read the wikipedia of the FIVE main version of this film "Versions_of_Blade_Runner"
@REAMER , there are several versions of this due to ridely scotts lack of full control. Its only the 2007 version that is fully scott ridely, the 1991 version is close, and the original is the one with voice over and romantic ending. I had nothing against the voice over, i kind of liked it, but the ending and some added scenes makes the final one the best IMO. But whatever, this IS the science fiction that set the bar for all the rest. specially concidering the much more limited special effects available at the time, this is so beautifully done and simply a work of genius.
If I remember right it had more comments at one time, think they were removed because of a fight or something, that being said this movie still rocks ^^
@LeSamourai ... I don't think it has anything to do with how old or young people are -- I think it's because most people have already watched it. Well that, and/or they just don't care about leaving comments.
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