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Black Knight 2001

Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, an employee in Medieval World amusement park. After sustaining a blow to the head, he awakens to find himself in 14th century England...

Release Date:
November 21, 2001
95 min
Gil Junger ...
Sam Edens, Kevin Conway, Leslie Dilley, Joe Inscoe, Martin Lawrence, Daryl Mitchell, Tim Parati, Jeff Chase, Helen Carey, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Tom Wilkinson, Zach Hanner, Lonnie Burchfield, Robert Cannon, Joseph Congema, Matthew Helms, Kevin P. King, David Lowe, Chad Mason, Danny Nunn, Reid Perry, David Rivitz, Rock Taulbee, Mark Joy, Dikran Tulaine, Michael Burgess, Mikey Post, Michael Countryman, William Boyer, John Lewis, Cameron Beach, Joseph Long, Marty Dew, Kevin Moore, Traci Dinwiddie, Kevin Stillwell, Richard Fullerton, John Cronin, Erik Jensen, Richard Haje, Marsha Thomason, Vincent Regan, Eric Paisley, Greg Cooper, Daniella Alonso, Jeannette Weegar, Isabell O'Connor, Angel Desai, Elizabeth Roberts, Graham F. Smith, Jayce Tromsness, Mark Pitt, Miki Shelton, Tammy Arnold, Jason Chimonides, Bob Leddy Jr., Denise S. Bass, Melissa Bolden, Harry D. Campbell, Bonnie Dixon, Mark Evans, Kelly Foxworth, Linda K. Huffman, Krystal Jefferson, Chris Madray, Babs McCullen, Jaime Moffett, Dustin Phillips, Dena Rizzo, Monica Semon, Lara Anne Smith, Veronica Sterling, D'Juan Watts, J.C. Anderson, Charles E. Bailey, Kelly Cole Childers, Kevin Dunlap, Stephenie Galvan, Casey Kelvington, KJ Lodge, Kyle Jason Louque, Janet Melody, David Schifter, Kent Shelton, Jonathan Soronen, Ryan Sweeney, Abbey Wade, Richard E. White, Stefan Hajek, Ken Moran, Jeremy McLain, John Cronin, Joseph Long, Kevin Alan Moore, Rob Bouton, E. Parker Webb ...
Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 4.7

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What a very funny movie~I couldn't stop laughin
the whole way through.Martin Lawrence was hilarious.
Really good story too.
Enjoyed it alot 8.5/10 from me :)

For some reason, I can't stop watching this movie... lol

I liked it alot!! give it a 7 out of 10

thanks for the damn christmas gifts. ask for a handful of criterions and get black knight. one day, i'm gonna burn the whole world down. foulest movie ever.

(GIL JUNGER, 2001)
Black Knight: 5/10

I love this movie though it rarely comes on tv! One of my favorites, and I bought it for my sister for her birthday, and had to watch it again for myself after she opened it. LoL
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NOT Funny
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