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Bad Moon 1996

One man's struggle to contain the curse he hides within... and his last-ditch attempt to free himself with the love of family. But when it looks as if he is loosing his battle, and...

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Solar rating: 7.9


Imdb rating: 5.5


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they have a very good doggy! :)

,loool it´s fantastic & cool

Stunning cinematography, but I had a hard time believing the two main characters were truly in love.
It seemed as if they only were because the screenplay told them to.

This movie does win the award for worst casting & accents in the last 5 years.
 it's an old movie. An old werewolf movie at that. Maybe it's the mood i'm in, or maybe I sometimes enjoy campy horror movies. But being a fan of the werewolf genre of horror movies, I enjoyed this movie even though it had some bad acting and flawed plot lines. If you're a fan of B horror movies, sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy.
Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Michael Pare, Mason Gamble, and Ken Pogue.
Written and Directed by Eric Red.
Rated R (for horror violence and gore, brief language and a scene of sexuality).
Running time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

Eric Red's Bad Moon is a horrible film, horror or otherwise. This is a film that has one fright, a man in a badly made werewolf suit, a bored and badly acting Mariel Hemingway (not that she's ever that good), and some really bad makeup effects. There is no real reason to ever see this. Ever. In fact, having said that, I feel the need to rescind the half-star I had oroginally decided to award it. Now, Bad Moon gets Zero Stars (out of ****) F.
a little like the werewolf of London invades the northwest.
so-so plot, lame acting all around, but transformation effects were better than most.
While traveling the world with his wife a man is bitten by a werewolf. With his wife dead and his life in ruins, Ted decides to move back to the U.S. to be with his sister Janet and her son Brett, hoping to cure the curse that has befallen him. But Thor, Janet's German Shepherd, is more than aware of Ted's curse and intends to protect his family no matter what.

I was actually a bit surprised by this one. I expected much less than what I received quality-wise. Not to say this is a great film in the least, but the negative hype is over-the-top. It's a decent little story, despite starting out in the so-campy-it's-past-cliche opening. But even that scene was done decently. The real problem with this film is the acting and the script. They're each only half-good, and they only insult one another. Either a good line is spoken poorly, or a bad line is spoken better than it deserves. Mariel Hemingway feels like she's really phoning in her performance most of the time, and Brett (Dennis The Menace's Mason Gamble) barely has a character at all. But Michael Pare does a pretty good job as Ted. And I know this because the character was flip-floppily written and he did well anyway. The werewolf left a bit to be desired, but it wasn't any worse than the other non-CG werewolves. It was a bit frightening. The actual effects were also only half-good, as there were only two real instances and only one was decent. I could really feel there was so much depth to the characters that wasn't explored due to the poor acting and script, as this was based on a book. Do I really need to ask if it's a bad thing that the dog does better than two of the three actors? It was an interesting idea, making the dog more or less the main character, but like the rest of the film they really only put forth half of the effort. At times you could really feel for the Thor (actually named Primo), but they never really went the distance with the concept. And coming it at only about 90 minutes, it's not such a bad werewolf/horror film. Compared to anything else it's trash, but what horror film isn't? Overall it's a short little werewolf tension-builder that is defused by the half-good acting and script. The werewolf suit was decent for a 90's flick, and the werewolf himself really brought his best to the part and it showed. But the characters just aren't fleshed out enough, the scares are minimal and fleetingly effective, so we really have to rely on the dog to show everyone how it's done. And it had a nice little ending as well. So from me, "Bad Moon" gets 4 ass-kicking German Shepherds out of 10.
"What did you do, spit in his Alpo?"
"He just knows an old dog when he sees one."