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i am in 2015 too please help me to get back in time :P
So this is what next year is supposed to be like.
Wow! This is one of the best films ever!
Best from the past, the present and up to the future!
In this movie, I imagined the future to be like that! Nike shoes that can do themselves up and a portable self-dryer. What a Classic
Same with the flying cars or the sequels to Jaws
Surely by now those flying skatebords have gotta be in pre production, ive been waiting years.
what an amazing movie an all time classic.

"Great flick, Great flick" to quote Biff. I love this move. They manage to combine the future, past and present. The plot can be confusing the first time around but they still do a brilliant job of explaining it. It has tons of humour and the special effects are phenomenal and still look great.
Didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first, yet I still found it quite entertaining. For me it kind of dragged a bit towards the end. It was interesting too see how non-futuristic the future looked like. The idea's were futuristic, but it was still so painfully 80's.
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