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The dark comedy version of "Bridesmaids".
I honestly went into this movie was no expectations because the reviews i saw/read were so mixed. So i just decided to give it a shot and i'm so glad i did. Turns out it was one of my favorite movies of 2012.
The cast is good, a mix of A & B list actors, the standout predictably being Rebel Wilson who plays the bride. The acting by everyone is great though, and the movie felt like it could have easily been released in theaters(not sure why it was so "indie" marketing wise). But my favorite thing about the movie was that it was in no way predictable. The characters here are mean-spirited and the type of people you'd probably hate in real life(except maybe Rebel and a few of the guys) but that's what makes it really funny. I expected it to fizz out and become a predictable "everyone changes for the better and becomes a nice person" but it didn't, which i loved. The characters are b*tchy, manipulative, fake, and just plain mean from the beginning and by the end they haven't really changed. There is a very heartfelt scene towards the end and the Bride/Groom are consistently funny and like-able, so it isn't TOO dark. It had just the right amount of sweetness that it didn't ruin the tone of the movie, but it also didn't completely change the characters in an hour-and-a-half(or over the course of one night). I laughed at this way more than "Bridesmaids" or a lot of other comedies I've seen lately and the soundtrack was great as well. It felt very lively, confident & original compared to seeing so many "cash grab" comedies who don't have their own sense of mood/tone or purpose. Overall rating- 9/10
To many F bombs for this boy that kinda ruined it for me . The over all movie not bad..
does anyone have a putlocker link?
i didn't like it felt too commercial
so cool movie

the g.f and i watched it together i thought it was o.k but she loved it

hahahaha.... very funny. love it.

This movie was funny, almost like Brides Maids. Just a little nastier lol

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