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August Rush 2007

A drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents...

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Imdb rating: 7.6

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LOVED this movie. Ridiculous and a bit corny, but totally worth all the kleenex you'll go through. Right up there with the count of monte christo. Watch it.
Must watch.........
heart touching movie.
Great movie. :)
I though this movie was amazing. If you have ever heard a note of music in your life, you will like this movie. It's about a boy who is seperated from his parents when he is born. His dad is a rockstar and his mom plays the chello. He can hear the music, and it tells him where to go. I feel like I know the kid, and he is my new best friend. This movie will stay with you for a lifetime. It has an all around great message, and rocks.
Take one part young Irish rock musician. Add a beautiful young Julliard trained classical cellist. Mix together on a magical New York evening under a full moon in spring, with appropriate background street harmonica and guitar. Throw in a handful of star-crossed fate, and you have

August Rush

Overall, this movie is very moving and inspirational if you think about the message hard enough, but I knew I would probably like the movie from the previews.

The story is about a couple, both musicians who have a child, but the child is aborted by the woman's father to a boy's school. The boy hears music in everything, and is determined to find his parents, and runs off to follow the music and find his parents.

Here are few of the things that I could have made better, myself. Throughout most of the movie, mainly beginning and end, the main character, August (Freddie Highmore), is giving bits of dialogue about him following the music and hearing it in things and all of that. It was a little awkward, and hard to believe. It was just plain weird. Also, the ending needed some help. It left you hanging, not really sure what to know what happened.. And the last thing is how throughout the movie, he heard the sounds and started to "conduct" which really looked weird, almost mental.

Freddie Highmore did pretty well with this movie, Being acclaimed from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Although he really didn't speak much throughout the movie, but I guess he was always in hard thought. I was surprised when I saw Robin Williams. I expected a lot more from him. He seemed ok throughout, but I was expecting better from him. I was disappointed at that.

Although there were some really unrealistic parts in the movie, it still was very good and had a good meaning and message. It was also nice to see a movie about music as well. It was a different aspect to look upon. I would recommend seeing this movie.

Directed by Kirsten Sheridan
Stars Freddie Highmore, Robin Williams, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Terrence Howard
PG - some thematic elements, mild violence and language

Extremely cloying and manipulative sentimental pap about a musical prodigy who runs away from his orphanage to find his parents and pursue his love of music.

Painfully forumlaic and unpleasant, despite a solid premise. The final product just has no credibility and fails in its ultimate goal
the critics are wrong AGAIN - August Rush is delightful. A truly lovely film, very well acted and charmingly directed.
As my first entry about a movie, I kind of enjoy writing about a movie that's "out of the ordinary." Compared to most other dramas, this one shows a passion for something other than getting laid in the end, though getting laid is technically the premise behind the plot of the movie, but we'll get past that! The passion is for music and musical genius and it's quite unlike any movie of its kind. For someone who has no passion for true music, they will not like this movie. For anyone who has ever sat down and played or even composed music, this will captivate you in ways that strike your soul.
This movie goes on the idea that music binds our spirits, if we only sit and listen to all the sounds around us -- Music connects us all. This is a belief I've had since I was a young boy discovering music myself.

Overall, this movie is fantastic and had me captivated for the whole time!
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