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Haha!I luv me some boomstick babee! Lmao
Was ok , good laugh, something different... 7.5/10
love Bruce Campbell. I ran across House(1986) it reminded me of this movie. Both are fun and spooky.
Yup im back , turned out it must have been an eror on the mods part or something, i knew i hadent done anything : )
oh Welcome back my friend or uhm r u back? Nice avatar. lol
Enki are u telling Me you dont like this?? Oh my!
I love it ONLY! It was brilliantly hilarious!
Bruce Campbell Rocks and back then HE was HOT! *smoking* Cheers...
Shop smart, shop S-mart.
this is my BOOM STICK!!!
Awesome classic movie @duff ya that was a funny part lol
@duffy1975 hahhah yep good part but my favorite part is all the lil ashes...London bridge is falling down...heheh
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