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Yup im back , turned out it must have been an eror on the mods part or something, i knew i hadent done anything : )
oh Welcome back my friend or uhm r u back? Nice avatar. lol
Enki are u telling Me you dont like this?? Oh my!
I love it ONLY! It was brilliantly hilarious!
Bruce Campbell Rocks and back then HE was HOT! *smoking* Cheers...
Shop smart, shop S-mart.
this is my BOOM STICK!!!
Awesome classic movie @duff ya that was a funny part lol
@duffy1975 hahhah yep good part but my favorite part is all the lil ashes...London bridge is falling down...heheh
i have to agree ,greatest comedy horror ever made ,best line for me is when ash tells "himself" he has somthing on his face .
My favorite actor Bruce Campbell stars as Ash, a hapless housewares clerk time-warped back to the Dark Ages by the demonic power of the Necronomicon. Now armed with only a '73 Oldsmobile, his trusty chainsaw and a 12-gauge double-barreled S-Mart shotgun, our knuckleheaded hero must battle vicious she-devils, a diabolical Evil Ash and the relentless hordes of the medieval dead in the most outrageously spectacular horror comedy every made. It is the third and final installment in The Evil Dead trilogy.
Okay before I get any flack on this movie. I know it's a cult classic with bad special effects, but I love the movie. Bruce Campbell got in shape for this movie. Sam Rami directed it. One of my favorite lines is when Ash (Campbell) says "You don't know Jack Sh**, and Jack just left." It may not sound funny by reading it, but the way Bruce says it is funny.