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Armageddon 1998

After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet...

Release Date:
July 1, 1998
151 min
Michael Bay ...
Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Grace Zabriskie, Adam Smith, Owen Wilson, Chris Ellis, Matt Malloy, Keith David, Rudy Mettia, Steve Buscemi, Jim Fitzpatrick, Will Patton, Michael Taliferro, Liv Tyler, Gedde Watanabe, Michael Clarke Duncan, Duke Valenti, Udo Kier, Mark J. Ferreri, Mark Boone Junior, John Aylward, Ben Affleck, Kevin McGuire, Peter Stormare, Jim Ishida, Judith Drake, Shawnee Smith, John Mahon, Eddie Griffin, Vic Manni, Jim Maniaci, Ken Hudson Campbell, Stanley Anderson, Jason Isaacs, Googy Gress, Bodhi Elfman, Peter White, Andy Milder, Erik Per Sullivan, Brian Brophy, Jonathan Aldridge, J. Patrick McCormack, William Fichtner, Christian Clemenson, Dyllan Christopher, Patrick Richwood, Greg Collins, Billy Devlin, Mary Ann Schmidt, Peter Murnik, Sage Allen, Ellen Cleghorne, Aaron J. Patton, Charlton Heston, Le Ann Cheri', Anthony Guidera, Steven Ford, James Harper, Judi Beecher, Albert Wong, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Jessica Steen, John Frazier, Brian Hayes Currie, Judith Hoag, Michael Bay, Will Green, Marshall R. Teague, Harry Humphries, Dwight Hicks, Andy Ryan, Clark Heathcliff Brolly, Frank Silva, Lawrence Tierney, Pope John Paul II, Dan Markham, Rando Thomas, Seiko Matsuda, Joe Allen, Odile Corso, Grant Baciocco, Charles Stewart, Brian Mulligan, Mark Curry, Ian Quinn, Ronald Fox, Grayson McCouch, Christopher J. Worret, K.C. Leomiti, Deborah Nishimura, Kathleen Matthews, J.C. Hayward, Andrew Glassman, Layla Roberts, Alexander Johnson, Kathy Neff, Victor Vinson, Frank Van Keeken, Frederick Weller, Jeff Austin, H. Richard Greene, Andrew Heckler, Michael Kaplan, John H. Johnson, Scarlet Forge, Michael Tuck, Patrick Lander, Anne Varèze, Fritz Mashimo, Dina Morrone, Ruben Olague, Wolfgang Muser, Franky, Andy Gill, Jeff Linnartz, Shannon Lucid, Gary A. Rogers, William T. Smith, Gustavo Perez, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mark Curry, James Harper, Charles Stewart, Adam Smith, Greg Warmoth ...
Thriller, Action, Romance, Adventure, Sci-Fi ...
English, Russian, Indonesian

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Imdb rating: 6.6

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in reading some of the comments below ,, one in particular , shooting down the film bcuz it wasnt on par with "actual" physics, this movie was not advertised as saying "this movie is based on actual events and physics of real life" was advertised as a scifi movie with a cool story and as far as training real astronauts as opposed to sending up trained drillers ..well it just makes for a better to sum it all up....MOVIES ARE NOT REAL ..THEY ARE THE MOVIES...This was a great movie one of my all time fav's..watched it many times and im sure i will watch it again 8.5/10
If anyone still hasn't seen this movie, it's a must see! Great story, actors and just doesn't get boring! It has been one of my top 5 movies still after 15 years!!!
Well... I just learned about Apophis today, so I thought why not watch a movie about a killer Asteroid. Makes the discovery even more exciting. lol
A man that's not willing to die for something isn't fit to live :')
so much better than Deep Impact...
One of the best movies ever ..
Great movie ... and Steve Buscemi is so funny!!!
I find all the anti-Michael Bay trolls hilarious. He makes big budget action movies; if you don't like those kind of movies don't watch. No one is forcing you to. I appreciate a deep meaningful drama as much as the next discerning movie watcher. But if you can't sit back and enjoy a good bit of action you're a loser of magnificent proportions who fancies themselves a film-festival critic.
Just awful. It seems as if the makers of this film have never been in a physics class their entire life. I'm no scientist but..... wow. When normal uneducated Americans can tare your film apart for it's inaccuracies there is something wrong. Not to mention the entire concept of training drillers to be astronauts as opposed to training astronauts to be drillers is not only absurd but now even believable enough to enjoy the movie. Bottom line, great actors (for the most part), terrible story and execution.
All that money gone to waste for a movie with a predictable subpar plot, with mediocre acting at best.
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